Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Since I got a Kindle for Christmas I have been reading a lot of Indie fantasy books.  I think that some of these books are amazing and really deserve to get some recognition so I am starting this blog to help get the word out a little bit.  I have read about 14 books so far and will catch up slowly on summaries and thoughts on what books I have finished.  To save time I will just give my 3 favorite books that I have read so far in January.

1.  From a Far Land: Jaben's Rift Book 1

This book follows the story of Jason, a young man who is transported to another dimension while exploring the woods of his family's land in Scotland.  I loved this book and found the characters wonderful and the world well built.  There are a variety of races each with their own special talent and a unique magic system that add spice to the world.  I have been informed that the author is looking at late this year for the second in a planned trilogy to be released and I for one cannot wait to see what the next book brings.

2. The Kinshield Legacy

The Kinshield Legacy follows the life of a bounty hunter who is destined to be king.  He has no desire to rule however, and is trying everything he can think of to pass off the responsibility to someone who he thinks will do a far superior job.  The story has a fast moving plot and a wide variety of characters that befriend the hero on his journey.  The end of the book holds an open end for a sequel which according to the website of the author is aimed to be released some time this year.  Overall this was an excellent read and well worth the money for the purchase.

3. The Goblin Brothers Adventures

The Goblin Brothers Adventures is just what is sounds like.  This book is actually a series of short stories detailing the adventures of two goblin brothers.  The dialogue that they have with each other is fantastic and I laughed out loud several times during some of the various stories.  I look forward to reading these tales with my daughter when she is old enough to understand them.  These are just a quick fun read that could be great for a family to read together or your middle schooler to work through on their own.

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