Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lots of new books today!

Today was a very active day on my Amazon forum where I get all my info on the Indie books I write about.  Most of the books are recommended by the authors themselves which I think is awesome to have that kind of personal connection.  Just fyi here is a link to the forum

I have actually had some pretty good back and forth with several of the authors and was thinking of maybe trying to do some mini interview type things to get their views and opinions of what its like to be an Indie author.  Keep in mind I have no background in writing or anything like that (obviously) so they wouldn't be anything amazing.

I have gotten over halfway through Ryel's Saga and so far it is a pretty good read.  After i finish it I will most likely go through about 5 or 10 samples and update if I plan on buying the books or will be passing on them for now.  I still also plan on going back through some of the Indie stuff I have already read and done reviews on.

Right now I am really looking for some good young adult Indie fantasy.  My daughter is 12 weeks old come Friday and we read together every night.  I know I read stuff waaaayy to advanced but I am really hoping that it becomes a lasting tradition and she loves to read as much as I do.  Right now I am not reading an Indie fantasy to her, but she does seem to enjoy those Goblin Brothers a lot.

Currently reading Zoey (my daughter)

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