Saturday, January 29, 2011


I did get a decent amount of samples read today and I will give a brief summary of them as well as if I decided to purchase them or not.  I will also list the books that I read before I started this blog and will be posting reviews on eventually.

Books already read:

Tinker's Toys

An Exercise in Futility

The Ant-Man of Malfen

The Enhancer

Art & Soul

Wistril Compleat

Books that I finished samples of:

Rista's Tale Part 1: Scarjheen I thought the sample was well written and entertaining, but it is priced a bit high for me.  This book is on hold to see if the price changes.
Gnomes of Coyûl (The Crystal Staff) This story is one I will pass on for the moment.  When I get caught up I will give it another chance, but it didn't really call to me.
Wishful Thinking (Daughters of Oberia, Book I)  While this story seems well written and has a very interesting concept, it is not what I usually go for so I am passing on it for now.  The sample is worth checking out though since it is just a personal preference thing steering me away.
Demon Deli This is another story that I am passing on.  I just couldn't get into the idea of evil sandwiches taking over the world all of it starting in a little boys piggy bank.
Eve This is a book that I will come back to for sure.  It is a vampire novel and that is really not my thing, but the sample did interest me so while not a top priority I will get to this one sometime.
The Emperor's Edge (a high fantasy mystery in an era of steam) I actually really liked this sample and it is by the same author that wrote the Goblin Brothers Adventures.  Either one of those would be enough for me to purchase this book so I did now I am just working my way through my list till I reach it.
The Hall of the Wood This is another book that I truly enjoyed the sample and went ahead and purchased the book.  I had 2 books from this author recommended to me and since I have over 90 books to look at I went with the cheaper of the 2.
Trance Warriors - Siege of Scarn Well written very cool plot I think I would actually enjoy this book immensely, but I cannot justify over $9 for a kindle book at this time.  If the price ever comes down I will jump all over this one.

I'm at work for 10 hours tomorrow so I probably will not be able to get a whole lot of reading done.  I am hoping to go through more samples, possibly actually getting fully caught up before I start the next novel for review.  I welcome any suggestions from authors that would like me to review their work and if you would like to get me a copy to review you get bumped to top priority.

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