Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 new reviews today!

Today I will be reviewing two books that I recently finished Tears of the Mountain and The Hero of Twilight (The Road to the Golden Griffin).

Tears of the Mountain

Tears of the Mountain by Andrew Warwick is a pretty good book.  I thought that it started out a little slow and I'll admit that I was worried.  At about 15% through the book the pace really started to pick up.  There are three major storylines that progress through the book.  Professor Halir and his group are searching the desert for a legendary lost city.  His group was my favorite as far as the characters that went along for the ride.  Paetran is the captain of a ship who is helping to defend a town that is under attack by a hostile nation.  There are some exciting scenes of naval battles with cannons roaring and muskets firing.  The final storyline follows two brothers that are fighting for the royal seat of Adranatti.  The stories connect in the beginning then begin to separate and recombine in differing combinations.  The interactions between characters were very strong and there were several characters that I thoroughly enjoyed.  There are actually two more books that take place in this world and I have already downloaded both of them so I can see what else happens.  Technically this is actually book 2 in the series, but it can be read first and not suffer in the slightest for doing so.

Other works by the author:
He actually has several more works all available at Smashwords and all of it FREE (except Tears of the Mountain which is .99).  His profile on Smashwords can be found at 

Also keep an eye for my interview with him about his work.

Review #2 

                                                                   The Hero of Twilight (The Road to the Golden Griffin)

 The Hero of Twilight (The Road to the Golden Griffin) is a pretty familiar story in all honesty.  A boy who is raised without a father in a town that refuses to recognize children born to unwed parents as people wants to do something with his life.  While wandering in the snow outside of town to escape his lowly station Bathmal meets a true knight Sir Odon.  What follows is a story that is well known of the boy who was taught that he is worthless tries to prove that he has what it takes to make a difference in the world.  

There are several things that make this story unique and wonderful.  The first that I really enjoyed is the fact that the knight has a magic kind of mechanical squire that is actually infused with some of his life essence.  I found that concept fascinating and really enjoyed the interactions of Nojo with Bathmal and Sir Odin.  The second thing is how Bathmal must go about proving that he is ready to rise up past his very humble beginnings.  I won't go into that since it would lead to spoilers, but it was truly a great read.  I finished to book in two sittings and truly hope that the author plans to bring out a sequel, as there is an opening left at the end of this book.  (I just found out that this is planned to be a 10 book series)

Currently reading Black Earth: End of the Innocence by David Alderman another author that I will be doing an interview with after completing his book.

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  1. Thanks for the review :)

    The other two stories mentioned are novelettes, one set 20 years earlier and the other a dozen years after Tears of the Mountain. They are completely stand alone stories - they aren't sequels but do help explore the world more.