Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More samples

I got through some more samples so here is the list of what I will purchase, hold off on, or not be getting.

Arawn's Quest (Zen Chronicles) This will be a purchase for me.  It seems to be a kind of sword and sorcery quest story which I enjoy most of the time.

The Arrival (BirthRight Trilogy) I will be purchasing this as well.  Although when the character whose viewpoint you are seeing from changes its not that clear the story seems solid and it has a unique feel.

Berserker I will be getting this as well.  When called to my attention the author said "vikings vs yetis" I can't help it I'm intrigued.

Dream War This will be another purchase, but a very different genre.  This novels is about spying on people using their dreams the sample was well written and I enjoyed the main character.

Iyetra - Book 01: Sleeping God This is a purchase because it is .99.  There is a lot of new terminology for the world in the sample which left me a little confused to be honest, but I believe it will be made clear when reading the book as a whole.

The Other Side of Life (Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy, Book 1, Pre-Final Version) (Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy (Pre-Final Version))  Another purchase for me.  This book seems to be about individuality in a ULTRA conformist society.  There are some human thieves and  a group of high tech elves that meet.  Cool concept seems done well.

Coffee @ 4:00  This is a book I will be passing on.  It really just is not my general style.

Tourist Trappers (Paranormal Pulp) Another pass for me.  The format had almost every sentence being a paragraph and I just was not a fan.  To be honest the paranormal isn't really my thing either.

The Hero of Twilight (The Road to the Golden Griffin) This may be the book I am the most excited about in this round.  A bastard child who is a total outcast from his village meets a knight that inspires him to rise above his station (the knight also has a machine type thing as a squire).  Very enjoyable sample can't wait to read it.

The Half-Orcs (Omnibus, Volume One) This is a book I already own.  I will admit to being a sucker for the omnibus format.  Three books for a low price can't be beat.  I also enjoy the look through the eyes of a race that is usually not the main characters in stories.  Good beginning and great value.

Gulliver Mouse  This is another pass for me.  The sample was well written, but I just really did not enjoy Gulliver's Travels so I can't see myself enjoying a similar kind of story.  I will recommend it to all who did enjoy Gulliver's Travels however, because it did seem to be put together very well.

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