Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Review for Arawn's Quest

Arawn's Quest (Zen Chronicles)

Arawn's Quest is a classic fantasy formula told in a very enjoyable way. Arawn is on a quest to get the gems of power and bring his people back to where they belong after being banished for a very long time. Along the way he meets the people who eventually will become his friends and traveling companions: a mysterious and powerful old man, a youth training to be a wizard, an ex pit fighter, a priest, and an elven ranger. The interactions that the characters share make the story a very good read and the world that is built here is described very well. 

The end of the book was done perfectly to wrap up a part of the story, but still pave the way for one or more sequels. I hope we will see the next installment pretty quickly.

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This book is a great deal at .99 and check his website for a ton of great info on the world he has created.

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  1. Thank you so much for the review. Before now I was unaware that I could find it here, but I'll certainly keep an eye out for anything on Zen's Heritage now that I know to come here.

    Glad you enjoyed it - Ed