Sunday, February 20, 2011

Review for The Emperor's Edge

The Emperor's Edge (a high fantasy mystery in an era of steam)
The Emperor's Edge (a high fantasy mystery in an era of steam) is an amazing read. I had trouble putting it down and finished it in two sittings. I think what really raises her above is the life she brings to her characters. I truly enjoy all of them. 

The Emperor's Edge tells the story of a dedicated enforcer (police) whose dream is to become the highest ranking woman in the organization. Things never really work out the way they should though and she ends up a fugitive running from her former comrades still trying to protect her emperor. You would never expect an alcoholic professor, a gang member with magical talent, a male escort, and the deadliest assassin in the world to team up for anything, but that is what happens and it has amazing results. The book has some very humorous spots and is filled with action. I am amazed with Lindsay's ability with dialogue this is the second book of hers I have read (Goblin Brothers being the other) and the way the characters interact is an absolute joy.

If you enjoy fantasy novels do yourself a favor and check this book out. It is well worth the cost and hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of this crew.

Other works by this author:

Ice Cracker II is a short story collection about the characters from The Emperor's Edge (a high fantasy mystery in an era of steam).  This is something I will be getting for sure.  There is a copy of one of the short stories available on Smashwords for free, but its .99 for the collection (3 stories I believe).  

Encrypted is really not something I would usually even consider to be honest, but Lindsay is such a great author that I can't decide if I should give it a try or not.  

I highly recommend checking out this author as she has several genres that she covers and her work is fantastic.  I especially enjoy her character dialogue it is fantastic!

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