Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Top picks for January finalized

Not a lot has changed from what I posted earlier, but I really didn't think it was fair to inlcude The Goblin Brothers Adventures (middle grade fantasy) with the other fantasy books so it wins best YA book by far.

The top 3 books for January are:

1. From a Far Land (Jaben's Rift)
2. The Kinshield Legacy (The Kinshield Saga)
and the new addition to the list
The Ryel Saga is a well written book with an immense world filled with unique and satisfying characters and cultures. The only downside to me was it is a bit heavy on the romance. That can only be expected with a title like A Tale of Love and Magic, and it did nothing to diminish my overall enjoyment of the book. 

Ryel's Saga takes him on a very long journey to master his Art (magic), learn his true origins, defeat the evil threatening the world, and find his love. Along the way we are treated to numerous cities and cultures that are wonderfully described by this gifted author. I always find references to the literature in the world that is created to be a great insight into the characters. In this book we are treated to some stories that Ryel grew up enjoying, I always find that a good insight into the character. This book will take you around the world, break your heart, grant you new and wonderful friends, and you may even fall in love. There is little else an author can do to improve on that. 

If anyone is considering getting this book I highly recommend it and if you can do it in the next 2 days it will only be .99 for this 2 volume collection. That is an absolute steal. 

I didn't feel the need to repost the reviews on the other two, but since Ryel is a new addition I included that.  Sorry if this post is a little scattered I'm suffering from a mild concussion so the thought process is not at 100%.

I am still going to try to get an interview posted on Saturday, but the concussion has thrown me off a little bit.  My first interview will be with David Walker author of From a Far Land (Jaben's Rift) I will get that done as soon as I can, but I haven't gotten him the round two questions yet and its not fair to rush him when I'm the one who is behind.  

I just finished The Hawk And His Boy (The Tormay Trilogy) so look for a review on that soon.

Currently reading Hemlock and the Wizard Tower and B Throwsnaill has agreed to do an interview with me so I am looking forward to that for sure.


  1. Hey Scott - Sorry to hear about the concussion. Hope it wasn't too serious? Take care and get better.

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  3. Concussions are what happens when you combine an ice storm, stairs, and someone who has the dexterity of a drunken slug. Luckily when you knock yourself out and it is freezing cold you wake up quickly. lol