Monday, February 14, 2011


Today I finished Black Earth: End of the Innocence and hopefully will finish Arawn's Quest (Zen Chronicles) tonight.  There was a lot going on in Black Earth so its going to take me a little bit to compose my review.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get the reviews posted.

More interviews that will be coming soon:

Steve Thomas author of An Exercise in Futility
Matthew and Stefanie Verish authors of Raven's Heart (A Tale from the World of Secramore)
Brian Drake author of Show No Mercy: A Michael Dodge Thriller
Jared Gullage author of Drinna
David Alderman author of Black Earth: End of the Innocence
Jeffrey Poole author of Bakkian Chronicles, Book I - The Prophecy
Jennifer Allis Provost author of Rise of the Deva'shi (A Chronicle of Parthalan)

If I missed anyone I apologize I am still trying to get organized on this whole thing.  It can be tough with working a full time job and raising a 3 month old daughter.  I'll get my act together soon though.

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