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Interview #6 with David Alderman and free ebook giveaway!!!!

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Interview with David Alderman

Black Earth: End of the InnocencePicture PerfectBlack Earth: The Broken Daisy

When did you decide to become a writer?

When I was eleven, I wrote a short story for an English assignment. From there, it took off to span many, many short stories, then it evolved into my first novel when I was 16. It wasn’t until around 2001 that I decided to go for it full steam and regard it as a possible career.

What was your route to Indie authoring?

I tried to go the traditional route and find an agent a few years ago. After waiting 8 months for 30 rejections, I decided it would be more satisfying to put my work out there myself. I started out with Lulu and then moved on to Createspace to manufacture the books because they offer cheaper manufacturing costs.

Any tips for your fellow Indie authors?

Write because you love to write, not just to make a buck. There are indie authors that pump crap out there and expect to rake in the dough, but readers will sift those titles and authors out. If you love the craft of writing, your readers will notice and enjoy it more.

What served as your inspiration for Black Earth: End of the Innocence?

After writing young adult fiction for most of my life, I used National Novel Writing Month one year to write something that wasn’t aimed directly at a PG crowd, something a bit more for adults and those who like gritty fiction. I took the safety off and wrote a short story anthology which included a story detailing Earth’s destruction by malevolent forces both demonic and alien. Black Earth was born at that moment.

What other work do you have available?

Black Earth: The Broken Daisy, the sequel to Black Earth: End of the
Innocence. Continuing where Black Earth: End of the Innocence leaves off,
Nathan Pierce searches Tucson for his missing sister, hoping to save her
from being executed for a crime of treason. Meanwhile, the nefarious purpose
of the fallen stars comes to light and an entity known only as Legion begins
to flood the earth with darkness.

I also just recently released a novella from my upcoming young adult series.
It's entitled Picture Perfect, and it's the story of a homeless boy who is
taken off the streets and pledged to marry into fortune, only to realize
that selling his soul for money isn't worth the loss of himself. He
eventually becomes a mercenary who is found in the young adult novel series
I will be debuting this coming Summer.

What sites is your work available on?

You can purchase in paperback format through - 

You can purchase in ebook format through -

Are you currently working on anything new and if so when can we expect to
see it? 

 I am currently revising the first three books in my young adult series,
Expired Reality, which will be released this Summer. They are: Endangered
Memories, Lost Birth, and Crystal City. I am also working on an episodic
mini short story series that ties in with Expired Reality which should be
debuting this March or April, called The LZR Project.

In between all of that I will also be working on the third Black Earth novel
which I plan to release this Winter.

Are there any authors that you really look up to?

I am an admirer of Tosca Lee and Ted Dekker’s work.

What do you see the biggest challenge in being an Indie author as?

For me, it’s marketing. Getting word of my books out there, trying to rise above all the traditional (and author indie) authors.

Have you ever been published in any magazines or any national publication?

No. But I used to write for my school newspaper. Feature articles like video game or movie reviews. I remember writing a review of Ace of Base’s debut album. Wow, I feel old now.

Do you have a homepage/blog/twitter/facebook etc... that fans can follow your progress or contact you at?

I have my own website at
I blog at
My twitter name is davidnalderman.
My facebook page is found at -

What is your favorite book/series?

The Han Solo Trilogy - The Paradise Snare, The Hutt Gambit, Rebel Dawn - by A.C. Crispin

Are there any specific sites that you visit for advice or inspiration? Awesome resources there for self-published writers.

There are a lot of different storylines in your book.  What methods did you use to keep track of them all while writing?

I actually put each individual scene on color-coded note cards and then lay them out across the floor of my living room. At that point, with the whole book visually in front of me, I make sure the scenes are arranged to my satisfaction, taking into account the character interactions and the multiple plot threads. It usually takes me a couple hours from the time I have the cards spread, but when I’m finished, I have a stack of cards in the order I’d like the novel to follow and I just rearrange the manuscript accordingly.

Aliens being the method of a biblical apocalypse is a unique idea.  What inspired that thought process?

I’ve always wanted to write a great story in the scifi/fantasy genre in a way nobody has written in it before. I wanted to incorporate some of my own faith into a great sci-fi/fantasy tale that everyone can enjoy without anyone feeling like it’s just a piece of religious fiction I’m trying to saturate the market with. My goal is to write a great, entertaining story that doesn’t feel watered down or used before. The old fashioned biblical apocalypse idea of demons swarming Earth and destroying it has been tried in the past, so I wondered what it would look like if demons joined forces with an alien entity that destroys worlds.

In any of the sequels will we get any more info on the last planet that Legion destroyed?  How about some background on Legion itself?

You learn a bit more about planet Rhodenine (one of the planets Legion destroyed before arriving on Earth), Legion, and Legion’s actual purpose in the second book, The Broken Daisy.

Legion is an alien entity that destroys planets by consuming them in darkness. That’s the simple explanation.

It is one being with many personalities/parts/extensions that act together toward a greater goal, but each part has its own personality and characteristics. Legion originates in the form of darkness, mist, black liquid, etc. From there, some of Legion’s ‘parts’ possess humans to use as a vessel to do their work. But because Legion is one with many personalities, some of Legion’s ‘parts’ will try and take off on their own to fulfill their own agendas instead of working toward the main goal that Legion as a whole is constantly working toward.

At some point in the past, the demonic leaders of Hell decided they wanted to ally with the alien entity known as Legion so they could easily conquer the universe. With Legions powers to engulf worlds in darkness and Hell’s elite skilled at chaos, death and destruction, the two forces have managed to sweep through galaxies, destroying civilizations, worlds, and entire species, arriving finally on Earth at the beginning of End of the Innocence.

I do plan to write some short stories/novellas in the future that tell a bit about the other worlds/realities that Legion destroyed.

A lot of the Earth based characters seem to have special abilities do we find out why in Broken Daisy or can you tell us now?

The reasons for their powers will be revealed a bit in detail in my upcoming young adult series and in later Black Earth books. Essentially though, the planet Rhodenine – the same planet Jasper and Hush escaped from initially – has a core that contains a special mineral called, appropriately enough, rhodenine, which creates a genetic alteration in the human body causing the special powers in some people.

After Rhodenine was destroyed and the planet split apart into space, some of the rhodenine floated into the atmosphere of other planets, imbuing other individuals with special powers.

Which of your characters do you relate to the most?  Why?

Nathan Pierce. I think anyone can relate to dealing with peer pressure, and I wanted to create a character who I, as well as others, could identify with. He’s someone who doesn’t really go along with the status quo and keeps to his own beliefs without caving in to what others demand of him. In the beginning of the book when Shannon is pressuring Nathan to have sex with her and he’s refusing, I felt like I was there in the room with them. I think many have been ‘there’ before and not everyone says yes/no because of how they truly feel – they get caught up in the moment and decide they want to live for now instead of sticking with their own personal beliefs, afraid of what others will think of them if they refuse.

I can also relate to Nathan because he comes from a sheltered home, so when he travels with his sister to Phoenix, you see him take in the world as it really is and it’s tough for him to handle. I went through a similar time when I graduated high school and was kicked out of my home to deal with life on my own. End of the innocence, so to say, or a good dose of reality.

You say that you plan a winter release of Black Earth 3.  How many books are you planning in this series?

I would like to see at least 4-5 books in this series, however I have a strange feeling it might go to 6. I don’t, however, want to prolong the series longer than it naturally needs to go. It chronologically backs up against the beginning of my young adult series, so I guess it can’t go too far out of control. On top of that, I’d like to do some side novellas/short stories/novels that give more background on some of the characters.

Can you give us any more info on your new Young Adult series (my daughter wants to know lol)?

My young adult series, Expired Reality, is something I started when I first began writing fiction back in the early nineties. The majority of the series derives from the very first novel I ever wrote when I was sixteen (I’m 31 now). I self-published the first couple books in the series years ago, but didn’t really know where I wanted to go with the story until I started Black Earth. At that point, I realized my true writer’s voice and decided I wanted to rewrite the Expired Reality series to bring the books into alignment with Black Earth’s storyline and voice.

With Black Earth, I’m aiming for gritty, non-apologetic fiction that pulls no punches. My young adult series, Expired Reality, is brought down just a few notches to bring it into a content level for slightly younger readers. I’m aiming mainly for high school/college age all the way to adult. The first novella in the series, which gives background on one of the Expired Reality characters, Drather, is available right now for only 99 cents. The first three full length novels will debut this summer, and I plan to have the series run at least a dozen novels on top of the other short stories and novellas I plan to run in between it all.

The series takes place 100 years from End of the Innocence. Earth has been destroyed by Legion and the forces of darkness, and humanity has made the transition to another planet, Anaisha…

Here’s a short synopsis of the series as a whole  -

For years, the planet of Anaisha, especially the continent of Enera, suffered violence. The criminal mastermind, Mr. Big, had the world in his grip, squeezing as hard as he could to bring brutality and chaos to the planet...

...Until a group of junior high school students banded together and put a stop to him. Known as the Lazerblades, the four heroes - David Corbin, Carrie Green, Veronica Amorou and her brother, Sean, fought against Big and the other villains who plagued the land, conquering them and bringing peace in what almost became a time of war.

With Anaisha’s most dreaded criminals defeated, the teens were left to live their lives as they pleased. To embark in once forbidden relationships, to pursue careers, to achieve higher education, to take a well-deserved rest.

But what was to be a time of respite quickly became an era of confusion and instability as certain events pushed the heroes to their separate ways to walk the roads of their lives alone.

Now evil has returned in a form never seen on Anaisha, fulfilling prophecies given ages before, forcing the young champions back together again to either stand and fight against it, or fall into the growing darkness with the rest of the world.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview David.  I wish you luck with your writing career.

On a personal not I recommend checking out David's blog I follow it and he prints some very interesting info on how he develops his characters, and some good stuff for his fellow authors.


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