Thursday, March 3, 2011

Review for Picture Perfect and some other stuff

First off be sure to to sign up for a free copy of Demon Gates here.  Second I would like to thank the people who are making mentions of me in their blogs.  People have had some great stuff to say and I really appreciate it.  Jennifer Allis Provost made a very nice mention and David Alderman was amazingly kind to me.  There are also many authors who have included a link to my blog on their website and I would like you all to know how much I appreciate it.

On to business...

Picture Perfect
4.5 stars
Picture Perfect (Smashwords) is a novella introducing David's new  young adult (high school) fantasy series.  It uses the same universe as his Black Earth series with a new set of characters.

Jonathan Huxley is a homeless orphan struggling to survive on the streets.  One day a man shows up promising him the world if he will only marry someone he has never met.  Before he can even meet the woman that he is supposed to marry he falls in love with Rebecca Soft.  Jonathan must struggle to decide between a life of luxury and being true to himself. Going into anymore would be spoiling things a bit so I'll leave off there.

The purpose of this book is just to get people ready and excited about the new series and he has done that.  I am looking forward to the first full length book (due out this summer).

David is also one of the authors kind enough to do an interview that will be posted 3/12/11 and with that interview I will be giving away a copy of Black Earth: End of the Innocence and Black Earth: The Broken Daisy.  Thats right the winner of that drawing will win two books.  He has also provided a copy of his new double pack release that will be raffled off at some point (undecided) and a copy of Picture Perfect that will be used to help promote the release of his full length book.


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