Friday, March 18, 2011

Review for Realm Hunter: Pursuit of the Silver Dirk

Realm Hunter: Pursuit of the Silver Dirk

Realm Hunter: Pursuit of the Silver Dirk follows Bear Waters, a bounty hunter in a different realm. He is hired by a victim of the Silver Dirk to hunt him down and stop him from hurting more people. This journey has consequences that he could never have imagined. Bear and constable Grace Hilltop find the base of operations for the Silver Dirk and unknowingly activate a device that transports them to modern day Portland, OR. In Portland they meet Fiona a scientist that is studying the society of their realm.

This story is told from Bear's perspective and it is interesting to see how he reacts to the large technological differences between the two lands. People from both realms are teaming up to find and stop the Silver Dirk who is actually the head doctor on the project that created the devices to teleport between realms.

The story is strong, but this book ends in a cliffhanger. This book stood apart for its unique aspects which are probably not for everyone, but I thought it worked very well for what Bob was trying to do. I will be reading book 2 when it comes out for sure.

I will admit to being a little tentative at first of the perspective that Bob used to tell the story, but as I got further along that disappeared.  I think viewing the story through Bear's eyes was the only way he could really get across what he was trying to do with viewing our society as someone who comes from a less technologically advanced world.  

There was also a fairly amusing passage of a magic user arguing with a scientist about how science is a total myth and they must be using magic without actually knowing it.  I smirked a bit at that.

I will be doing an interview with Bob about his book sometime in the near future.  


  1. Thank you for posting the review! I live about an hour south of Portland and will be picking up a copy of this one. :)

  2. I think it is well worth the read. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did.

  3. Just so you know: the second volume is now available in paperback and PDF formats, at Lulu. The paperback will be at Amazon in a few weeks. (I can't predict when other formats and venues will be available.)

  4. Bob

    That is excellent news. I will keep an eye out on Amazon for when the Kindle version is available.