Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hello everyone I just wanted to shoot out a quick update as my format will change next month to participate in the A-Z blogfest.  I will not be posting any new reviews or interviews this month and interviews will not be every Saturday in April.  I will however still get reviews and interviews posted as much as possible while following the general outline of the blogfest.  

I would just really invite everyone to come by and visit on April 7 as it will be a free ebook day.  I already have over 20 books donated that will be given away to people who leave comments.  The drawings will not be held until May so there is plenty of time to swing by and sign up to win some awesome books.  If by chance you are an author and would like to donate a book or more to the give away my email can be found on the links page just get in touch with me and we'll figure everything out.

I would like to again say thanks to all the wonderful authors who have already donated books, I honestly never expected to get this many books to give away you guys are all amazing.


  1. I'm going to wish you luck with the blogfest - I think you'll be a very busy boy for the next month, and I'll be following your posts with interest.
    I hate to say it but your blog puts a regular dent in my bank account - I keep promising myself I'll only download the sample of the book you reviewed, and then I get hooked.. Still, I imagine there are are worse addictions to have.

  2. JH Sked don't forget to stop by pm the seventh to sign up to win some freebies. There are a lot to choose from!

  3. Cool! On the 7th your theme for the letter F will be FREE. Good idea.

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