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Zounds the a-z challenge is over today!

I figured today would be a good day to do a wrap up on challenge.  First off I want to thank all my new followers, daily visitors, and the authors.  If not for the high quality of writers I have met doing this I wouldn't be sticking with it, but it is a pleasure every day to read the work and interact with the indie author crowd.  Huge thanks go to the people who have sent me review copies of their work.  I am having a great time reading all of the books I have received.

Also don't forget to sign up to win your free books!!!  The drawing ends today so be sure to sign up here.

Just a few sneak peaks for next month:  I have an interview with Eric Quinn Knoweles author of Boltman, an interview and guest blog with Jeffrey Pierce author of Escaping Destiny (Tapestry) and his soon to be released The Awakening.  I'll also talk about a sneak peek I received on a book I am looking forward to a great deal as well as posting my best books for the month of April list.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Young adult series: Expired Reality

For my "Y" post I figured I would ask David Alderman to share a little bit about his upcoming young adult series: Expired Reality.  Enjoy.  Also make sure to check out the bottom of the post for the Smashwords coupon for the free download of Picutre Perfect his introductory novella.

For those who don’t know me, my name is David N. Alderman and I’m a self-published author of science fiction/fantasy and young adult fiction. Scott asked me to hop in here for today’s blog post and give a little bit of info on my upcoming young adult series – Expired Reality – debuting this summer. I hope to have the first book, Endangered Memories, out this June with the second volume, Lost Birth, and the third, Dark Horizon, in subsequent months.

My Expired Reality series takes place 100 years after the events of my Black Earth series – which is two volumes in so far and is planned to run about four or five volumes in all. Unlike my Black Earth series though, Expired Reality is aimed more at young adults than the edgier adult crowd. It’s lighter on the adult content and any religious aspects, but still ties in with the storyline of the Black Earth series. 

Here’s a bit of an intro to the series to give all of you an idea of what it’s all about….
For years, the planet of Anaisha (An-ā-sha), especially the continent of Enera, suffered violence. The criminal mastermind, Mr. Big, had the world in his grip, squeezing as hard as he could to bring brutality and chaos to the planet…


…until a group of junior high school students banded together and put a stop to him. Known as the Lazerblades, the four heroes—David Corbin, Carrie Green, Veronica Amorou and her brother, Sean—fought against Big and the other villains who plagued the land, conquering them and bringing peace in what almost became a time of war.

With Anaisha’s most dreaded criminals defeated, the teens were left to live their lives as they pleased. To embark in once forbidden relationships, to pursue careers, to achieve higher education, to take a well-deserved rest.

But what was to be a time of respite quickly became an era of confusion and instability as certain events pushed the heroes to their separate ways to walk the roads of their lives alone.

Now evil has returned in a form never seen on Anaisha, fulfilling prophecies given ages before, forcing the young champions back together again to either fight against the evil or fall into the growing darkness with the rest of the world.

For those of you curious to get into the world of Expired Reality, I have a novella out – Picture Perfect – that Scott actually reviewed a little while ago: Picture Perfect tells the tale of how Jonathan Huxley becomes Drather, a notorious mercenary who makes appearances in the upcoming novels. In appreciation of Scott giving me a spot to talk about my series today, I’m giving everyone a special Smashwords code so you can grab a digital copy of Picture Perfect for free for the next few days. Just enter in - NC99M - at the checkout when grabbing the novella from Smashwords - - and you’ll be good to go. And as always, I appreciate reviews, although they aren’t required. The code should be good through Sunday.

I’ll definitely be getting in touch with Scott when Endangered Memories is released, and all of you can follow me at if you want to check the progress on the novels yourself – and learn a bit about my self-publishing journey. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The White Tree review

The White Tree
4 stars

In The White Tree Edward Robertson has created a world with a rich mythological background that has led to the worship of Arawn being outlawed.  He brings Dante a 16 year old boy on an adventure that crosses thousands of miles in the search for knowledge after finding a book about the forbidden God.  While reading the book Dante begins to discover that he can use "nether" for powerful magic.  After someone tries to kill Dante to get this book he decides to hire a bodyguard, but since he does not have much money he ends up hiring Blays Buckler, a kid about his age whose father taught him some weapons skill.  

As their adventure progresses both of them become much more effective fighters and eventually form a strong friendship.  This book is a strong adventure filled with characters that don't fit the normal mold in fantasy.  Dante and Blays are both willing to do what they have to do to achieve their goals regardless of the legality of their actions.  

For .99 this book is a great read and I will check out any sequels for sure.

I have an interview lined up with Ed so check back for more news on upcoming projects.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Venom of Vipers review

The Venom of Vipers (science fiction thriller)
5 stars
The Venom of Vipers (science fiction thriller) is the second book I have read by KC May, both of them excellent.  I don't typically read a lot of scifi stuff, but this book had me hooked early and kept me interested till the end.  I finished it up in two sittings.  

The plot is that there is a super disease that is well on its way to wiping humans off the planet.  If the disease is cured it creates toxins that destroy the body, if it is not a terrible death waits.  A sub race of humans mixed with reptile DNA is created to make them immune to the disease in hopes that studying them will translate into a cure for the human race.  The sub race (Saphers) have some problems of their own mainly they are unable to reproduce without having a human surrogate mother.  

Katie whose father is one of the head scientists at the compound where the Saphers are kept is brought in to help with their reproductive issues to make them a viable race in the event that humanity is wiped out by the disease.  Katie grew up with a Sapher named Ryder as her best friend and wants nothing more for them to become recognized as citizens and afforded basic rights.

I really enjoyed this book because it has a great feel of reality to it.  There are 2 major groups that protest at the Sapher compound one group that wants them to be released as free people and one that thinks of them as abominations and wants them wiped out.  The characters are very easy to understand with a few of them being a little over the top, but I think that is what makes a thriller.  Overall this book was fantastic and I will continue to read what KC May has to offer.

Other works:

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Unfinished Song: Initiate review

The Unfinished Song: Initiate
4 stars

The Unfinished Song: Initiate is the first in a series of books that seems to mainly follow Dindi and Kavio. Dindi is an oddball from her village who wants nothing more than to become a Tavaedi dancer. Kavio is a Tavaedi dancer who is cast out from his tribe by some shady dealings.

I only had two things that took away from the overall enjoyment of this book. One there is a lot of world building and character and class descriptions which can be a bit confusing at first. Things do become much clearer the more you read, but there is a lot of unique terminology used at the beginning. Two it ends in a cliffhanger. That is really just something that I am personally not a big fan of, but I still feel I should mention it. (Although at the time of this review book 2 has just released)

Everything else about this book is pretty positive. The characters are engaging and you will grow attached to them, they also show some growth as the story progresses. The story flows smoothly with some good action scenes as well as more emotional sequences between the characters. There are some vivid descriptions used to really help you immerse yourself in the world that has been created here. I will be reading the second book for sure.

Be sure to keep an eye out for my review of The Unfinished Song: Taboo coming soon!

Other works:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Treasures of Carmelidrium review

The Treasures of Carmelidrium
4 stars

The Treasures of Carmelidrium is a story about a girl named Michelle (Missie) who is an extremely talented flautist only weeks away from graduation. On her way to visit her family a portal is opened in front of her car and she drives into a new world.

Upon arriving in the new world she meets Prince Healden and his party, a unicorn gives her the ability to speak their language (French), and she discovers that her music has magical properties. Overwhelmed she wanders off to gather her thoughts and is attacked by symberveen (bear like creatures that have a vicious psychological attack). She is rescued and recovers to learn the legend that she is Lysandra come again fated to save the world from the person whose dark magic controls the symberveen with the help of her Prince Carmel.

This is a great story for young adults to read or for families to read together. The action is pretty steady to keep boredom at bay and it has a love story as well to appeal to a greater audience. This will be a story I share with my daughter for sure when she gets a little bit older.

Visit N.R. Williams at her blog here.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Shades of Magic review

Shades of Magic
4 stars

Shades of Magic is a very well written story following Edgar, Magnus, Adelaide, and Hestia. Edgar is a young man who has no real direction in life until he begins to travel with his uncle Magnus. Magnus is one of the greatest wizards alive who also happens to be Edgar's uncle. Adelaide is a young woman apprenticed to a very well known healer named Hestia.

When the wizards council meets about the fact that magic seems to be fading Magnus is given the task of figuring out what to do. He has an idea of how to fix everything so he and Edgar set out. They first travel to meet Hestia and Adelaide who can both use magic as well, but as women could be put to death for doing so. The group of four adventurers set out to retrieve a very special crystal hidden deep in a series of caves.

I truly enjoyed the characters interactions and the pace at which the story develops. K.D. Wilson has a lot of potential and I will be looking for anymore work of hers in the future.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quality over Quantity

Yet again I do not have a book that starts with "Q" so I am going off of the top of my head.  Quality vs Quantity is something I have read a lot of authors talking about in regards to self publishing.  I am pretty lenient when it comes to typos and grammatical errors.  I honestly don't care that much.  I read to be entertained and as long as a book does that I'm happy, but if there are so many mistakes that I cannot get involved in the story I move on.  Reading is something I love its not a job that I have to focus constantly and take notes to figure out what has been expressed.  I think this is especially important with an authors first novel in a series.  If I read the sample and get hooked I'll get the book.  If the quality of the book stays high you have a reader for the whole series.  If I read the sample and cannot get into the story I won't check out the rest of your series either.  

I have been extremely lucky in I have only run across 2 samples that I rejected because of issues like that.  Reading other review blogs and forums it seems that a lot of people have decided to ignore the self published author population because of too many people not taking their time to edit properly.  I will say that the self published authors I have read and interacted with have made me a fan for life.  I love finding new authors and making new friends and I will try to do everything I can to help self published authors (or authors from small publishers) get some attention to their books.  If there is ever anything I can do to help out just let me know and I'll do my best.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Price of Honor review

The Price of Honor (Minotaurs of Algoron)
3.5 stars
In The Price of Honor (Minotaurs of Algoron) Pah'Min's father disgraces the family stealing all their honor. Pah'min as young minotaur at the time is left bereft until offered a spot in the most reviled house in his city. He accepts as a way to regain his honor in his own eyes and serve his Empress even if the rest of the city will hate him and consider him without honor. 

Given the task to infiltrate the enemy city and make sure they are not able to attack without warning he lives a complete life in his cover. He has a wife, child, and is sponsored to a job of relative importance. The story then takes off with him having to warn his Empress of the plans to attack her city and destroy all that live there.

*slight spoiler*

This story has a lot of great action sequences from small scale duels to large scale battles between armies. The biggest issue I found was that Pah'Min is a berserker and when he enters that state he is totally unstoppable. He also has almost no control over when he goes berserk so pretty much every fight with him goes that way, but there is still enough emotional turmoil to add some reality to the character.

This story was a pretty quick read with lots of hack and slash action.  I enjoy reading a book like this every little while because they are just fun to me.  I think my favorite character in the book was actually the dwarf even though he wasn't around the whole time.  This also appealed to me as the minotaur society reminded me a bit of the Dragonlance version, and I love the books that Richard Knaak did for that series.  

Also available on Smashwords, but waaaay cheaper on Amazon.

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Online Reviewers

I have learned that a big part of the struggle of being an Indie author is getting reviews.  There are certain authors (none that I have read books by) that are terrible for the reputation of all.  People who can take no criticism or people who need to really proofread and edit their work seem to get all the attention and unfortunately for the Indies as a whole it is all negative.  Recently I was contacted by Jennifer from about being shown on her list of reviewers willing to read Indie works.  I was happy to be listed and hopefully some people who are looking for reviewers can find a few more who are willing to read their work.  

There is also a rating system in place to see what blogs are preferred by the people who check them out so I guess here is a chance to review me.  My blog is found at 

Hopefully there are some people here that can get all you wonderful authors some more reviews and more positive attention.

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N.R. Williams author of The Treasures of Carmelidrium interview

The Treasures of Carmelidrium

When did you decide to become a writer?

There wasn’t a clear cut time when I reached that decision. I wrote short stories most of my life and I dreamed of alternate universes where things were happier. I was a child in the sixties during the Cuban Missile Crisis and can remember going to price the cost of building a bomb shelter. That affected me and I thought it would be nice to live somewhere else or in another time where nuclear war didn’t hover on the horizon. Much later, I shared some writing with my mother who believed I should pursue publishing. That was when I realized I might just be a writer.

If you are not a full time writer what do you do to pay the bills?

I live off my husband, LOL. Actually, my job went to India and other foreign countries because some U.S. politicians decided to give companies an incentive for doing that. I’ve been unemployed ever since.

What was your route to Indie authoring?

I am a long time member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. I have attended numerous conferences and workshops and until recently I was the moderator of a critique group. I’m still a member of that group but it was time to pass the gauntlet for moderating to another person. After pitching my book numerous times, sending out queries, and receiving the same response back, “We love it, it’s not right for us.” I realized the system was broken. Numerous articles suggested my observation was correct. Then I met with some highly successful indie’s and decided to pursue that route.

Any tips for your fellow Indie authors?

Learn all the tricks. Learn to ask for tags, (on kindle boards there is an entire group of authors supporting each other.) I just read tips on being successful from smashwords. Below is the link, they have numerous slideshare programs to watch. I learned that we need to continue to write the best book we can and to offer one for free. I have one in mind that I can put together pretty quick and offer for free. Now if I was just a computer nerd to understand all the formatting and other issues. (sigh).

What served as your inspiration for Treasures?

I changed the book title repeatedly. Finally I had a pow wow with my children and they suggested the title. I loved it.

What other work do you have available?

I have short stories on my blog.  but I do not have another book available yet. I am working on the sequel, The Rise of Lord Sinon, and two novellas. You can check my progress on my blog in the pages at the top under, WIP Progress.

What sites is your work available on? and UK as well as smashwords, Barnes & Nobles, iBookstore and where ever smashwords delivers it too. For some reason, a recent search didn’t find it at Borders.

Are you currently working on anything new and if so when can we expect to see it?

See previous answer. I hope to have two to three more books out by the end of the year. But that may be too hopeful.

Are there any authors that you really look up to?

Tolkein, Lewis, Rowling my friends who are authors, including Carol Berg.

What do you see the biggest challenge in being an Indie author as?

Readers. When we are first published we don’t have a following of readers and we don’t have a big name publisher behind us with support. We need to turn our focus to marketing. Something that proves to be difficult for most writers.

Have you ever been published in any magazines or any national publication?


Do you have a homepage/blog/twitter/facebook etc... that fans can follow your progress or contact you at?

All three above. The facebook and twitter links are on my blog and with a name like Williams there are a ton of us, so the link from my blog is the best way to find me and not grandma’ Williams, whom I’m sure is a wonderful person. 

What is your favorite book/series?

The Lord of the Rings, Tolkein, Narnia, Lewis, Harry Potter, Rowling.

Are there any specific sites that you visit for advice or inspiration?

What a question Scott. Yes in fact, there are many. The blogging community has the most generous and wonderful people gracing cyber space. If you want to know more, scroll along my blog roll. 

Music plays a large role in your book.  Do you play any instruments yourself?

I play some music, piano, the recorder, once I had a friend who owned a dulcimer and I learned that too. But, I’m not proficient on any. I always wanted to be and I always wanted to play the flute.

What character do you identify with the most?  Why?

That is simple, Missie. She is an American. Strong willed yet pliable. I love her voice and her attitude. She isn’t rude most of the time, but she can get an attitude. Her struggles are heartfelt, the ones I visualize I would have under the same circumstance. She is modeled on the kind of personality who has a goal and pursues it no matter what. Life in Gil-Lael throws her some pretty wild curves.

What age do you recommend your book for?
I wrote this book so that parents could read it to their children without being worried. At the same time, I suspect young children would become afraid of the Symberveen. A monster I created. So anyone nine and older should be able to enjoy, “The Treasures of Carmelidrium.”

Friday, April 15, 2011


I know this is actually kind of a lame post for the letter "m", but I have not been doing reviews for long enough to have one for every letter of the alphabet. 

I am 28 years old and have been married for about 11 months.  We have a 5 month old daughter named Zoey, 3 cats, and 3 dogs.  I started this blog after my wife and daughter got me a Kindle for Christmas and I discovered Indie authors.  I review based on how much I enjoy the story and the characters.  If anyone would like me to let them know if I find any typos I am happy to do so, but I am nowhere near a professional editor or writer.  I am really just glad that I found out about the amazing community of Indie authors.  I have found so many great books and met a lot of awesome people.  
I have been married for close to 11 months.  This is one of our engagement pictures.  

Me on the honeymoon.  Riveria Maya Mexico it was a blast!

Here is my little girl.  She was born Nov 5.  This is one of her 3 month pictures.

Here are the kitties: Xendrick orange and grey, Wimbley grey and thinks he's a dog, and Skunk Face self explanatory.

Here are the puppies: Sadie is the boston terrier, Tempe is the lab, and Rhino is the beagle.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love Immortal review

Love Immortal
4 stars

Love Immortalis the story of Jewell, a young trauma nurse and Collin a young man with a surprising secret that not even he knows. When Collin is brought into the hospital one night having been hit by a drunk driver Jewell is in the room helping to try to save him. Unfortunately it seems that the effort is for nothing and Collin dies. Jewell feeling a strange connection to the young man stays in the room with him reflecting on the tragedy of his lost life when an amazing thing happens. His heart begins to beat again. As Collin recovers Jewell begins to visit him and they start to develop strong feelings for each other. His miraculous recovery also brings him to the attention of two very different groups, one sworn to protect him, and the other sworn to destroy him.

The story develops with Jewell and Collin learning more about each other and Collin beginning to learn some secrets about himself as well. Now to be honest this book is not something that I normally would read, but it is something that I can very easily see sharing with my daughter when she gets a little bit older. The book is well written with an excellent flow that made it difficult to put the book down at times. I was very impressed with how I did get pulled into the story even though it is far outside my normal comfort zone. This is an author I will keep an eye on for further releases

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kinshield Legacy review

The Kinshield Legacy (an epic/heroic fantasy adventure) (The Kinshield Saga)
5 stars
The Kinshield Legacy (an epic/heroic fantasy adventure) (The Kinshield Saga) follows the story of Gavin a warrant knight (kind of like a bounty hunter) who is destined to be king. I found Gavin to be a very well developed character with a strong supporting cast. There are characters that are extremely likable (the blacksmith) and I personally despised the villain and spent the whole book waiting for terrible things to happen to him. The book moves along at a great speed and will keep you trying to finish just one more chapter. 

The story is completed at the end, but it leaved things wide open for a sequel (first half of 2011 according to her website) which I will get for sure. If you have a kindle download the sample, if you enjoy fantasy you will most likely be hooked and end up buying the whole book. This book was a great find and I hope that K.C. May continues to write so I can continue to enjoy her wonderful stories.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Jeffrey Poole author of The Bakkian Chronicles interview

Bakkian Chronicles, Book I - The Prophecy

When did you decide to become a writer?

I distinctly remember the first story I ever wrote when I was little.  I was in the third or fourth grade, I believe.  I always got a kick out of writing, and up until about ten years ago, I didn't think much about it. 
One day I was talking with my wife, and somehow the subject of writing came up.  She encouraged me to develop the story and write it out.  Now, it took me a good long while just because I worked on it whenever I was sent to another city/state for my job (senior computer tech - I installed computer networks all across the country).
Not liking half-finished projects, two years ago I decided to finish it.  I'd say it was then that I caught the writing bug full time.  Man, that took a long time to answer.   lol

If you are not a full time writer what do you do to pay the bills?

I'm a freelance Microsoft certified computer consultant.  Loosely translated, I go around and fix computers.  Repair, troubleshooting, networking, etc.  You name it, I fix it.

What was your route to Indie authoring?

Like many authors, I looked into various publishers.  Practically all wanted either an agent, or at least a year of your time before they'd give you an answer or not.  I've done the research.  99.99% get negative responses. 
I've heard about the Print-on-Demand services, and even these appeared to want serious $$$ to turn your manuscript into a feasible book.  Long story short, I discovered and found that if you knew what you were doing, and could get your manuscript exactly how you wanted it to appear, then the cost was minimal.  Then I found Smashwords.  It was just easier to do it myself.  Plus, being a computer tech, I was very familiar with just about all word processing programs.

Any tips for your fellow Indie authors?

Tips.  Hmmm.  I'd say that if you have an active imagination, and you have ideas bouncing around in your head, write it out.  Put it down on paper (so to speak).  Read what you write.  Can you visualize the scene in your head?  Make it believable. 

What served as your inspiration for Bakkian Chronicles, Book 1:  The Prophecy?

I've always had this story in my head.  Always the big "what if?"  What if some lucky guy inherits a house.  This house has a set of unusual doors and are accidentally tripped.  You go through and are stranded.  What if once you're in this strange place you're mistaken for someone else?  What if someone you don't know now entrusts their only son to your care?  How do you get home?
I had all these questions bouncing around and I remember talking with my wife one day.  She was also thinking about writing a murder mystery story.  She asked me if I ever thought about writing anything.  Before I knew it I had a list of chapters written down and essentially what happens in each chapter all plotted out.  For the most part, that's the outline that I stuck to. 

What other work do you have available?

This is my first book.  I am close to finishing the second book in the Bakkian Chronicles series.  I also have a completely different book lined up that I'll write next that will be a fantasy set several hundred years ago in America's past.  No monsters, or mythical beings.  Just two boys who become friends.  I'll leave it at that.

What sites is your work available on?

Let's see.  Obviously on Amazon (Kindle and coming soon, the print edition), Kobobooks, Diesel Ebooks, Sony Ebooks, the Apple iBook store, Smashwords,, and Whitcouls, I believe.

Are you currently working on anything new and if so when can we expect to see it?

I am hard at work on Bakkian Chronicles, Book II:  Insurrection.  Still going to be light-hearted.  Several new characters are introduced, including my first villain.  He thinks he's tough, he thinks he's invincible.  Trust me, he's not.  :)

Are there any authors that you really look up to?

Some of my favorite authors are Dan Brown, Michael Crichton, Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, to name a few.  I really like the "Agent Pendergast" series that Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child pen together.  A bit gory at times, but it's good.   Anything Dan Brown does is abosolutely fantastic.
**hangs head**   Yeah, I like J.K. Rowling, too. 

What do you see the biggest challenge in being an Indie author as?

Well, if you're trying to be a serious writer, then the challenge is to become noticed.  One of the best ways to get noticed is to try and get some people to review your work.  All I can say is keep writing and keep sending out coupons, requests, promotions, etc.  You, as the author, have to be constantly promoting yourself whenever and wherever you can.

Have you ever been published in any magazines or any national publication?

No, I have not.

Do you have a homepage/blog/twitter/facebook etc... that fans can follow your progress or contact you at?

Knew you were going to ask that.  I do have a website.  It's at:, however I haven't done anything with it yet.  Hopefully by the time this is posted I'll have it developed and in place.  How pathetic is that?  I create websites left and right.  I'm a computer tech.  I know all about domain registration, hosting, html creation, etc.  Have I done anything with it?  **sigh**  Nope, not yet.  It's on my to do list.  :)

What is your favorite book/series?

I have so many.  Let's see.  I really love the Robert Langdon series from Dan Brown.  The Agent Pendergast series from Preston Child is really good.  I reluctantly admit I love the Harry Potter series.  I love a good thriller.  Piers Anthony has several series out that I really like. 

Are there any specific sites that you visit for advice or inspiration?

This might sound cheesy to some, but if I ever need advice or inspiration, all I have to do is simply talk to my wife.  She's my inspiration and quite frankly the smartest person I know.  She's helped maintain continuity, checked grammar, and caught mistakes that have slipped by me and the friend of mine that also helps with editing.

Where did the word Bakkian come from?

The word "Bakkian" pretty much came from the depths of my imagination.  I wanted a unique word that couldn't be found at all in use anywhere.  Believe it or not, the word sprang to mind instantly.  After doing a quick Google search to see if it existed anywhere, I was rather pleased to see that it was a word no one used and it wasn't a proper noun.

Why is "wizards be damned" the commonly used curse in Lentari?  Is there a 

"Wizards be damned" came into play as I was searching for some type of curse which could be uttered without making the overall tone too serious.  The wizards are all powerful in Lentari, so naturally when something doesn't go the way you want, the first thing you do is assume the wizards are conspiring against you.  It was important to me to keep the book light-hearted, so I made sure whenever the phrase was used, the scene wasn't too intense.

Which character do you most identify with and why?

Me being the computer tech, it would be Steve.  I modeled his appearance, manner of speach, and behaviors all based on my own.  I've had family members and friends read the book and tell me how easily they could picture me in the role.  I told them that's a good thing, 'cause that's how I wanted it to come across.  Steve is based on me, and Sarah is based on my wife.  The interesting thing, though, is that my wife later told me that Sarah is essentially my interpretation of how my wife talks, behaves, and so on.  And I guess I wasn't exactly accurate.  Want to know what she told me?  That she wasn't as nice as Sarah!   Made me laugh.  :)

If you were a Lentarian what jhorun would you like to have?

What jhorun would I like to have?  As much fun as it would be to be a fire thrower, or maybe someone who is immune to dragons (should they happen to exist), I'd have to go with Sarah's teleportation ability.  Seriously, how much fun would that be?   With a proverbial blink of one's eyes, you could be anywhere you wanted in no time at all!   Want to visit Stonehenge?  No problem.  What about the Egyptian pyramids in the Giza plateau?  Piece of cake!

What can we expect from book 2?  When can we expect to see it?

Bakkian Chronicles, Book II:  Insurrection.  We get introduced to the northern kingdom of Ylani, and how a dark wizard there is bent on overthrowing the local king and playing both Ylani and Lentari against each other.  On top of which, he is absolutely obsessed with getting his hands on Mikal.

I've gone on record to say that I'm not a big fan of dark fantasy, but I've since learned I enjoy a good "tanned" fantasy (that was for you, Robert!).  Yes, this wizard is evil and mean, but in essence, he's just a school bully who throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way. 

Book II sees an event transpire to lure young Mikal back to his homeland.  Naturally the good-hearted Nohrin volunteer to help as much as possible.  We'll see Sarah's sister, Annie, mentioned briefly in the first book, step up and play a significant part in the second. 

Since I've always had a fascination with dragons, I deliberately brought back one of the dragons from the first book.  A rather unusuaul bond between dragon and human develops as a result.  And, since I'm such of fan of dragons, you won't find any evil dragons in my books.  :)

Let's see, what else?  We get some answers to questions that have been plaguing Steve and Sarah.  For example, why does their jhorun work on their home world?  How is it that Steve can use one of the power crystals that has been charged by someone else?   And most importantly, why is the dark wizard so fascinated with Mikal?

As for when the book will be released, I'm hoping to have the entire story completed in a couple of weeks, and then the editing can begin.  I've been associating with a couple of authors who have been helping me with the editing, giving pointers on what not to do, what not to use, etc.  So I'm not sure how long the editing will take, but I hope to release the ebook within the next couple of months.

It is unusual in fantasy for humans to have unique magical characteristics.  Why did 
you choose to grant the jhorun?

The jhorun given to Steve's grandparents was given by Shardwyn as a favor to the king and queen.  They had proven their loyalty to Lentari time and time again, so the jhorun was given as a reward.  As for Steve and his wife, their jhorun was not granted.  It was........   :)   Yes, you'll find out in book 2.

Will we see any more races in the world of lentari?

Several other races put in an appearance in book 2.  Trolls, for one.  Nasty sons of b*****s.  Mortal enemies to the trolls?  The dragons.  The dragons view trolls like we would view cockroaches.  Although in our case, the cockroaches are smarter.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions and I wish the best in your writing career.

My pleasure!   I appreciate you taking the time to read the book, review it, and then ask me about how it came to be!

Ice Cracker II review

Ice Cracker II (and other short stories)
5 stars
This is a collection of 3 short stories dealing with characters from The Emperor's Edge. I would say that to fully understand and enjoy these you must read The Emperor's Edge first. All of the stories contained in this collection deal with the continuing quest of Amaranthe and her band of outlaws. The characters are still written very well with good dialogue and I found some parts amusing as well. I think if you enjoyed The Emperor's Edge this collection is a must have.

Lindsay Buroker continues to be one of my favorite authors that I have discovered since getting my kindle.  I haven't yet bought her romance novel, but it could happen any day.  Her characters always seem to do such a great job at pulling you in to the story that the books are hard to put down.  

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