Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Exciting New Releases

There are a lot of books that have just released or will be releasing soon that I am very much looking forward to.  Here is a short list to keep an eye on:

The Unfinished Song: Taboo by Tara Maya
The Shadow at the Gate (The Tormay Trilogy) by Christopher Bunn
Ashar'an Rising (Nexus Wars Saga) by Robert Day
Book 2 of the Bakkian Chronicles by Jeffrey Poole (should be in editing at this point)
The full length YA release by David Alderman (see Picture Perfect for a preview)(summer)
Book 2 of Jaben's Rift (this summer) by G David Walker
Wages of Sin by Tim Ellis (May)
The Bull at the Gate book 2 of Torc of Moonlight Trilogy by Linda Acaster (no idea)
Demonized by Naomi Clark
Book 2 of The Guadel Chronicles by Dean Murray
Redemptions Edge by G David Walker
Book 3 of the Nexus Wars Saga by Robert Day(late this year)
Emperor's Edge book 2 by Lindsay Buroker
Book 2 of the Hemlock series by B Throwsnaill

Again I know I am missing some of you and I apologize.  If anyone reading this is an author and would like to share a release date or brag about a recent release please feel free to leave a comment doing so.  I really enjoy meeting new authors.

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