Thursday, April 7, 2011

Free Ebooks galore!!!!

Holy crap I never expected the response I got when I asked if any authors would be willing to donate some copies of their books for me to give away.  The rules for this are as follow leave a comment with your name e-mail address and the book that you are interested in getting a copy of or comment and send me an email about which book you want.  If you're not picky just leave a name and e-mail.  I will be drawing for winners for any books that are requested more than once.  Also to help out these authors that are willing to share their work at no cost to the winners please consider leaving reviews when you finish.  They are not mandatory, but are always appreciated.  Awards will be gifted to you through Amazon, Smashwords coupons, or you will be mailed a print copy (authors discretion).

Now lets list the books we have available.

Jennifer Allis Provost - Rise of the Deva'shi (A Chronicle of Parthalan)
David Alderman - Picture Perfect
                            Black Earth Double Pack
Jeffrey Poole - Bakkian Chronicles, Book I - The Prophecy
N R Williams - The Treasures of Carmelidrium
Christopher Bunn - The Hawk And His Boy (The Tormay Trilogy)
                                 The Shadow at the Gate (The Tormay Trilogy)
                                 The Mike Murphy Files and Other Stories
                                 The Model Universe And Other Stories
Linda Acaster - Torc of Moonlight : Special Edition (Celtic Goddess Trilogy)
Robert Day - Demon Gates (Nexus Wars Saga)
                     Ashar'an Rising (Nexus Wars Saga)
Tim Ellis - A Life for a Life (Parish & Richards)
                Body 13 (Quigg)
                Solomon's Key
                The Graves at Angel Brook (Quigg)
                Jacob's Ladder
                The Knowledge of Time: Second Civilisation
                Orc Quest: Prophecy
                Warrior - Path of Destiny
                Warrior - Scourge of the Steppe
                Untended Treasures
Marilyn Peake - The Fisherman's Son
                         Cannon Fodder: Operation Horse Whisperer
                         Bright Moon
Dean Murray - Frozen Prospects (The Guadel Chronicles)
Eric Quinn Knowles - Boltman (10 copies!!!)
Daniel Coleman - Jabberwocky

Now as a special treat some actual print copies of books that will come directly from the publisher!!  If you would like to win these you will have to be willing to send me your address after being notified of your win.  I will then send them ahead to Karen Gowen (who is the one behind this donation and a fellow a-z blogger) and she will get them to the publisher.  
If you enjoy these books or if you have a spare 7 seconds stop by their page on Facebook and give them a "like".

Karen Gowen - Uncut Diamonds
                           Farm Girl
W Everett Prusso - The Pirate Slayers, Book One: Ghost Waves
David J West - Heroes of the Fallen


  1. I'd love a copy of any of the books except for Christopher's. I have all of those already. Thanks to the authors for this wonderful opportunity!

    claudv at yahoo dot com

  2. Hi Scott -

    I'd love to be signed up for every one of those. Well, of that list, I have both of Robert Day's books. So any others would be great!



  3. Hi Scott,
    I'd love to have a copy of any of those (er, except for mine). Thanks very much for putting this on.

  4. Woops. My email. tunescribble [at] mac [dot] com. Thanks.

  5. Ooooh pick me, pick me! For any of those! spango69 [at] hotmail [dot] com. Gracias!

  6. Hey -
    I love reading anything and everything.

  7. I'd also like to sign up for the giveaway for each of those books! Thanks :)

    alexis [dot] leno [at] gmail [dot] com

  8. I would love to be entered to win the below books.

    A Life For a Life by Tim Ellis
    Body 13 by Tim Ellis
    Black Earth Double Pack by David N Alderman
    Picture Perfect by David N Alderman
    Uncut Diamonds by Karen Jones Gowen
    The Pirate Slayers by W Everett Prusso

  9. Forgot my email..

  10. Hi there - sign me up please! janetsked [at]
    PS: If you'd like another copy of WolfSong to give away, I'd be more than happy.

  11. I'd like Farm Girl or any of the Christopher Bunn books, if possible, if not, anything except Jabberwocky because I already have that one.


    fdhelp at gmail dot com

  12. Hi Scott,
    I would love to go in the running for any of those, besides my own of course :) and Jeffrey's.

    Robert Day

  13. Hi all!

    I'd love to receive one of these book. I too own all of Christopher's, but would love one of the others (especially if there are dragons involved). I would rather not post my email here, but am easy to find on The Indie Spot, or could email it directly to whomever needs to have it. :) Thanks to all the authors for their generosity!


  14. Thanks to everyone who has entered. Only a few days left, but there is still time if you are thinking about trying to win. Don't forget you can also e-mail me at

  15. Hi Scott, I'd love a copy of any of these books. Feel free to pick one at random!


    Eric Quinn Knowles

  16. Scott and authors

    Thank you! I got mine today. So stoked.