Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kinshield Legacy review

The Kinshield Legacy (an epic/heroic fantasy adventure) (The Kinshield Saga)
5 stars
The Kinshield Legacy (an epic/heroic fantasy adventure) (The Kinshield Saga) follows the story of Gavin a warrant knight (kind of like a bounty hunter) who is destined to be king. I found Gavin to be a very well developed character with a strong supporting cast. There are characters that are extremely likable (the blacksmith) and I personally despised the villain and spent the whole book waiting for terrible things to happen to him. The book moves along at a great speed and will keep you trying to finish just one more chapter. 

The story is completed at the end, but it leaved things wide open for a sequel (first half of 2011 according to her website) which I will get for sure. If you have a kindle download the sample, if you enjoy fantasy you will most likely be hooked and end up buying the whole book. This book was a great find and I hope that K.C. May continues to write so I can continue to enjoy her wonderful stories.

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