Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love Immortal review

Love Immortal
4 stars

Love Immortalis the story of Jewell, a young trauma nurse and Collin a young man with a surprising secret that not even he knows. When Collin is brought into the hospital one night having been hit by a drunk driver Jewell is in the room helping to try to save him. Unfortunately it seems that the effort is for nothing and Collin dies. Jewell feeling a strange connection to the young man stays in the room with him reflecting on the tragedy of his lost life when an amazing thing happens. His heart begins to beat again. As Collin recovers Jewell begins to visit him and they start to develop strong feelings for each other. His miraculous recovery also brings him to the attention of two very different groups, one sworn to protect him, and the other sworn to destroy him.

The story develops with Jewell and Collin learning more about each other and Collin beginning to learn some secrets about himself as well. Now to be honest this book is not something that I normally would read, but it is something that I can very easily see sharing with my daughter when she gets a little bit older. The book is well written with an excellent flow that made it difficult to put the book down at times. I was very impressed with how I did get pulled into the story even though it is far outside my normal comfort zone. This is an author I will keep an eye on for further releases


  1. this sounds interesting. though i write fantasy, i don't usually read it because none of the fantasy stories i've found appeal to me.

  2. this sounds like an interesting story. i like that you review indie authors. i think it's a great way of helping promote them.:)