Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Price of Honor review

The Price of Honor (Minotaurs of Algoron)
3.5 stars
In The Price of Honor (Minotaurs of Algoron) Pah'Min's father disgraces the family stealing all their honor. Pah'min as young minotaur at the time is left bereft until offered a spot in the most reviled house in his city. He accepts as a way to regain his honor in his own eyes and serve his Empress even if the rest of the city will hate him and consider him without honor. 

Given the task to infiltrate the enemy city and make sure they are not able to attack without warning he lives a complete life in his cover. He has a wife, child, and is sponsored to a job of relative importance. The story then takes off with him having to warn his Empress of the plans to attack her city and destroy all that live there.

*slight spoiler*

This story has a lot of great action sequences from small scale duels to large scale battles between armies. The biggest issue I found was that Pah'Min is a berserker and when he enters that state he is totally unstoppable. He also has almost no control over when he goes berserk so pretty much every fight with him goes that way, but there is still enough emotional turmoil to add some reality to the character.

This story was a pretty quick read with lots of hack and slash action.  I enjoy reading a book like this every little while because they are just fun to me.  I think my favorite character in the book was actually the dwarf even though he wasn't around the whole time.  This also appealed to me as the minotaur society reminded me a bit of the Dragonlance version, and I love the books that Richard Knaak did for that series.  

Also available on Smashwords, but waaaay cheaper on Amazon.

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