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Rise of the Deva'shi review

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Rise of the Deva'shi (A Chronicle of Parthalan)
3.5 stars

Rise of the Deva'shi (A Chronicle of Parthalan) tells the story of Latera a princess who is kidnapped to the realm of Faerie.  She escapes her captors and starts her life anew as a humble horse groomer at a small village inn.  One day Aeolmar the First Hunter of Parthalan comes through on a training exercise and asks for Latera to accompany him and his men to the forest so she can care for their horses while they train.  During the training there is a demon ambush and Aeolmar is injured fairly badly.  He is returned to camp unconscious while his men go to hunt the vile demons that attacked them.  When the men leave demons attack again leaving only Latera to defend Aeolmar and herself.  She manages to kill two demons and injure the third when Aeolmar wakes up and finishes it off.  This being a totally unheard of feat for someone who has absolutely no combat training Latera is invited back to the castle to train to become a huntress.  

This begins the story of a growing affection between Aeolmar and Latera as well as a Parthalan being in danger from increased demonic activity that must be stopped.  Along the way Latera learns the truth about her past and why mysterious things keep happening to her in the land of Faerie.  

Overall the book was good.  The story was entertaining for the most part and the characters were well written and engaging.  The biggest drawback to me was the romance aspect of the book.  I don't mind their being romance in books that I read, but this had a bit to much for my taste.  If you enjoy stories of love with fantastical elements then this book is for you, and honestly it was well written enough that if there is another book in the series I will check it out for sure.

I have to say that I really do enjoy Jennifer's writing style a lot.  Her action sequences were fantastic and the "beasts" that the demons had were described almost frighteningly well.  Well done for sure for more news check out her website.

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  1. Nice review! I do review fantasy as long as their is some romance, so more romance may be up my ally. ;) thanks for sponsoring the event.