Friday, April 22, 2011

Shades of Magic review

Shades of Magic
4 stars

Shades of Magic is a very well written story following Edgar, Magnus, Adelaide, and Hestia. Edgar is a young man who has no real direction in life until he begins to travel with his uncle Magnus. Magnus is one of the greatest wizards alive who also happens to be Edgar's uncle. Adelaide is a young woman apprenticed to a very well known healer named Hestia.

When the wizards council meets about the fact that magic seems to be fading Magnus is given the task of figuring out what to do. He has an idea of how to fix everything so he and Edgar set out. They first travel to meet Hestia and Adelaide who can both use magic as well, but as women could be put to death for doing so. The group of four adventurers set out to retrieve a very special crystal hidden deep in a series of caves.

I truly enjoyed the characters interactions and the pace at which the story develops. K.D. Wilson has a lot of potential and I will be looking for anymore work of hers in the future.

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