Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Black Earth: Broken Daisy by David Alderman review

Black Earth: The Broken Daisy
4.5 stars

First off I would strongly recommend reading Black Earth: End of the Innocence before checking out this book.  Also this review may contain some minor spoilers to who have not read book one.

In Black Earth: The Broken Daisy David Alderman continues his tale of the end of the world. Since this is the second book in the series I won't really say anything about the plot so I don't give away anything from the first book. In Broken Daisy the religious aspect of the story becomes a bit more pronounced. The background of a lot of the main characters is also exposed a little bit more and some important questions from book one are addressed and answered. He also talks a little bit about the origin of the Legion and covers some of Evanescence's background. The book really ramps up the some of the drama involving Nathan, Heather, and Cynthia and I feel this is a very well done sequel. I will be reading this series to the conclusion to find out what happens with all of the characters.  There is also some more exploration into the history of the Wedge characters and  a big surprise about Griffin.  

Picture Perfect
In other David Alderman news he has combined the two books in the Black Earth series into one Kindle volume Black Earth Double Pack for a little money savings.  He is also still very active on his blog where he is talking about his Expired Reality series.  The first book from that series is due out very soon.  In related news his teaser novella for the Expired Reality series recently underwent a cosmetic change with a slight update to the cover (on the left).  

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  1. Thanks for another great review, Scott! :D Glad you enjoyed The Broken Daisy.