Friday, May 20, 2011

Indie Book Blog exclusive coupon!!!

Hemlock and the Wizard Tower
B Throwsnaill author of Hemlock and the Wizard Tower is giving this blog another exclusive.  This one is a coupon code to download his book FREE!!  This coupon will only work for about a week, but in celebration to all the changes he made (see his blog for his upgrades including editing, mapping, and a new cover) he is offering his book for free.  He wants anyone who purchased his book to have a chance to get the new and improved version without having to buy it again.  This will be the only place the actual code for the free download is posted so I am very excited and honored that he has chosen me for this.

Coupon code:  ZG78M click here to download your copy and once again I would like to say thanks to B Throwsnaill for this very cool exclusive for my blog.  If you do pick up a copy make sure to stop by his blog to leave him a comment for his generosity.


  1. Hi Scott -

    Just wanted to say thanks for posting the code! I've already downloaded my copy. Looks good!

    Thanks again!


  2. My thanks go to Scott for hosting the giveaway. Thanks also to Jeff and Steve for the download.

  3. You guys are all welcome and thanks for coming to visit. Also thanks to Bill for giving me the exclusive on this special occasion.