Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review for The Door to Canellin

The Door to Canellin (Gatehouse)

5 stars

First off the cover art for this book is amazing. I was totally drawn as soon as I saw it, and happily the cover supports the story. The story follows Wes, a young boy who has some trouble in school. He is not a bad kid by any means, but he doesn't really try to reach his potential at all. This adventure begins by Wes getting suspended for fighting even though he defended another kid from getting picked on. This gets Wes into trouble and he spends the day with his grandparents doing chores for them. He eventually makes his way to the woods out back and finds the Gatehouse. From here he is transported to a whole new world (Canellin) where he is regarded as a savior. His father ends up following him into this new realm where he comes to understand his son a little bit better.

This story would be great for young adults. It explores the relationship between parents and children in a way that you empathize with both sides of the conflict. The story moves along well and there are some great supporting characters. I am completely looking forward to another book in this series!

This is the debut novel of E.H. Jones, but the way the Gatehouse works leaves a lot of room for story continuation.  I am really looking forward to another book to see how the father-son relationship changes in the real world.  I am also curious to see what changes this trip will bring to Wes's personality.  


  1. I keep trying to get my vampire-romance-addicted pre-teen to read fantasy; this sounds promising! Thank you for the review; I look forward to downloading it when my Kindle arrives!

  2. For those of you browsing around for a good fantasy story, look no further! Totally worth it! And yeah, the book cover fits the book perfectly!

    I'm looking forward to his second book coming out!

  3. Mountain Light some other good choices are:

    Bakkian Chronicles by Jeffrey Poole
    From a Far Land by G David Walker
    neither of those is necessarily aimed at a younger audience, but I look forward to sharing them both with my daughter.

    Also The Goblin Brothers Adventures by Lindsay Buroker this one is young adult and it is a lot of fun.