Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review for Friends of Orion

Friends of Orion (The Orion Alliance)
5 stars

Friends of Orion (The Orion Alliance) follows Ben Asterman an artist living in a fairly small town. Ben is not only gifted with a paint brush, but he can also read peoples minds. Throughout his life he has tried to ignore his gift as much as he can. Sitting in the park one day he begins to hear a voice talking to him in his head. The voice turns out to be Orion, a hawk who become his teacher and friend. Through Orion he meets some local children who share his gift and becomes friends with their family. While out with their father he "overhears" the Lancers communicating about some stuff that seems pretty shady. They notice his intrusion and begin to take steps to take care of him by any means necessary. 

This book really pulled me in quickly. Ben is a guy who is very easy to relate to and understand. The character interactions are well done and I found myself rooting for Ben and Sarah to work things out. When the Lancers become a part of the story there is a sense of tension added to the story that kept me hitting the page turn button as fast as I could read. Overall the story was very well done and I would love to see some more from Regina.

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