Thursday, June 30, 2011

Basement Blues by J H Sked review

Basement Blues
4 stars

Basement Blues by J H Sked has 3 short stories: Basement Blues, Dim, and Pushing Janey.  Dim and Pushing Janey both fit into the horror/thriller genres, while Basement Blues is a paranormal detective story with a good bit of comedy mixed in.  Both Dim and Pushing Janey feature men who are haunted by their pasts.  In Dim a man is terrified by the memory of what happened to him while serving overseas.  Pushing Janey is a bit too hard to explain without giving something away.  

The title story Basement Blues is a short intro into a whole new series that J H will be starting sometime fairly soon.  I very much enjoyed the story of the strange group of detectives and their unusual client.  This is yet another series from J H Sked that I will be looking forward to.  

I'll be honest the horror stories aren't my normal thing, but I really really enjoyed Basement Blues.  J H will be doing a guest blog here on 7/2/11 talking about some of her inspirations and what we can expect to see coming up.  Be sure to check back!

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  1. Thanks for this Scott. Glad you enjoyed Basement Blues; & kudos for giving the horror stuff a try although I know it doesn't really float your boat. :-) Looking forward to the interview.