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Guest blog with Linda Hawley author of Dreams Unleashed

Dreams Unleashed (The Prophecies)It’s the near-future year of 2015, where technology governs life.  In this dystopian world, governments control their citizens by tracking them with RFID.  The right to personal privacy does not exist.  The heroine, Ann Torgeson, having been trained by the CIA as a paranormal spy at nineteen years old, has enhanced abilities.  Twenty-five years later, she lives a double life:  first, as a technical writer for a tidal energy company in the Pacific Northwest, and second, as a member of the worldwide anti-government subversive organization, called GOG.  When Ann’s vivid dreams turn real, she questions whether the doorway between her subconscious and reality has been permanently altered.  When she starts to dig into her past, her present begins to unravel, leading the reader through events that twist and turn everything upside down.  Question everything you know is essential in this trilogy.

I’m honored for the chance to guest blog at Indie Book Blog.  I thought I’d blog about the main character and events within Dreams Unleashed, book one of The Prophecies trilogy.

When researching technology, and more specifically RFID for the book, I learned that RFID is either currently being used by governments to track humans, or there are plans to do so.  This rocked me to the core.  I decided to write the novel for worldwide readers, because the issue of the loss of privacy from RFID is a global one.  I wanted to give a voice to some of these issues, because the implications for the future are significant.

With all the intense topics and events going on in the novel, I had to balance that with strong characterizations, and some humor.  I’m happy to see that readers are responding to the humor.  It’s all subtle (and a bit sarcastic) humor, but I think it plays well in the novel.

Let’s talk about the protagonist, Ann Torgeson.  Ann owns two Tasers, and uses them in Dreams Unleashed.  I myself don’t own a Taser, nor have I ever seen one.  So in order to do Ann’s use of them justice, I had to research Tasers, and how they’re used.  I now know so much about Tasers that I could sell them!  I had no idea that you could get so much power into such a small device.  I learned about gun-shaped Tasers that the police use—they  seem to use the bigger ones—perhaps size matters to the police.  After looking at a dizzing amount of Tasers, I finally found Ann’s, Stun Master 2.7 Million Volt Multi-Function Stun Gun.  I thought the wristband that disables the Taser if someone grabs it was very cool.  Teaser:  Ann will be using that feature in book two of the trilogy, published late this summer.

In Dreams Unleashed, Ann’s sharpshooting skill is revealed.  I confess part of how this was unveiled in the novel is from my own experience in Air Force basic training.  I wrote the experience in the novel as it happened to me up until the point where all the shots were in/near the bullseye.  That part was not my experience!  Ann’s sharpshooting is important for book two of the trilogy.

Books two and three of the trilogy are being published this year.  So if you start reading Dreams Unleashed now, you won’t have to wait long for the other two books in the series.  Since I’m here blogging, it’s evident that I’m Indie-published, which means that there are zero marketing dollars allocated to my novel.  Therefore, I’m hoping that as you read Dreams Unleashed, that you’ll spread the word to other readers.  The reviews on Amazon and other places have been strong, and the novel is sitting with a strong four+ star read.

The print version will be published the week of June 20th.

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The print copy of Dreams Unleashed is due to be published the week of June 20th.

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