Tuesday, July 26, 2011

City of the Gods: Forgotten review

City of the Gods: Forgotten
4.5 stars

City of the Gods: Forgotten is a beautiful book.  The guys who put this together did an amazing job with the maps and all the illustrations.  This book is a perfect fit for any fans of mythology since it uses gods from most of the major civilizations in history.  

The story revolves around D'Molay and Aavi.  D'Molay is a rare freeman in The City, where almost everyone is committed to a god or a slave.  He does odd jobs for the various pantheons and seems to be well respected for his work.  Aavi is a mystery through most of the book.  A statue that comes to life at D'Molay's feet with no memories of her own and no belly button.  D'Molay decides to help Aavi and her simple innocence draws him in to a role of protector that he seems familiar with from his life on Earth.  

The story is well written and the origins of the two main characters are kept hidden until close to the end of the book.  I really enjoyed the interactions of the gods from different cultures and the council system that had oversees the ruling of The City.  

I read the paperback version and I highly recommend it.  With the amount of pictures that are in this book I hesitate on the Kindle version just because I have seen some books that don't work well (I haven't seen the Kindle version of this so it could be fine).  This book is worth a read for anyone that enjoys fantasy, but do not pass on it if you are a fan of mythology at all.  

Website very well put together check it out for news and join their forum to talk to the authors


  1. This looks intriguing. Any plans for a Smashwords/B&N edition?

  2. To be totally honest I do not know off the top of my head. Their website had a forum on it where you could talk to the authors directly so that might be a good place to go.

  3. FIrst off - let me say thanks so much for the kind words and great review of our book! We really appreciate it and am so glad you truly enjoyed it. Also thanks for not giving away anything in the review either. Half the fun is unwrapping the mystery that is Aavi.

    We will be getting City of the Gods in other formats in the near future. Though keep in mind that you can download a FREE Kindle app for you computer or laptop.

    We have already started on the next book in the series and an anthology with other authors called "Tales of the Gods" Thanks again for the review! M.Scott Verne

  4. Thanks very much anaavu. Hopefully there will be more coming all the time!

  5. UPDATE: We just published Mythic Tales: City of the Gods Anthology 1. It includes stories by Edgar Allen Poe, Bram Stoker, Ken St Andre, M. Scott Verne, Wynn Mercere and several other authors. This collection of short stories all take place in the City of the Gods universe and each story features at least one character from the first novel. Its illustrated in the same style as the first novel and also includes a close up map of the city of the Gods. See more at http://www.mythictales.com