Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Doodling by Jonathan Gould review

3.5 stars

Doodling by Jonathan Gould is the story of Neville Landsdowne, a man who falls off the world.  When the world begins to move to fast for Neville he loses his grip and ends up wandering around an asteroid field trying to find a place that will make him happy.  On his journey he meets a lot of people who were also thrown off the world and have adapted to it in various, mostly crazy, ways.  As he tries to find somewhere to belong he discovers that the world will soon destroy the asteroid field he is wandering through killing everyone he has just met.  Even though when he fell off the world he wanted nothing more than a nice slow paced life, he finds himself rushing to enlist the aid of everyone he can to save to asteroid field.  

The characters Neville meets have a wide variety of personalities and seem to show various methods of escapism that people utilize when their world becomes too much for them.  This story is a quick fun read that seems to be hiding a deeper meaning and may be able to make you look at your life a little closer.  Remember to always make time for Doodling.

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  1. Hey, you always need time to doodle. :) Interesting premise. I'll have to download the sample to take a look!

  2. It is a quick read, but enjoyable. I think it may be right up your alley Jeff.