Monday, July 11, 2011

Free Book Monday

Running BlackToday's free book Monday is brought to you by Patrick Todoroff author of Running Black.  Today is a little bit different as he has offered a copy of his trade paperback for one lucky winner.  Same rules as normal apply leave a comment with an email or send me a note at bookblogger.indie(at)gmail(dot)com to enter.  If you are the winner I will get ahold of you for your mailing address and forward it to Patrick so you can get your paperback.

Continental US only please.  Contest ends July 25.

It's 2059 and the North Korean mercenary Tam Song heads up Eshu International: a private security team that will take any job for the right price, no questions asked. Based in the Belfast Metro Zone, they're the best black contract outfit on the planet. 

Stable nano-technology: the melding of man and machine on a microscopic level. It's a break-through worth billions no one's been able to achieve. Until now. The Dawson Hull Conglomerate has finally developed a viable Nanotech Neural Network; an interface system that exponentially increases a person's cyber-capabilities. They're days away from unveiling the prototype to the world. 

And Eshu International just got hired to steal it. 


  1. A free paperback, huh? Not sure I remember how to use a real book... Lol

    Sign me up!

  2. Plot sounds compelling. I'd love to win a copy! Also, that book trailer is all sorts of awesome. I'm curious who did the artwork in there. Fantastic.