Saturday, July 30, 2011

Guest blog with Doug Brown author of Legends Reborn

First, I want to thank Scott for having me over to his wonderful blog.

Douglas R. Brown is a fantasy writer living in Pataskala, Ohio. He began writing
over five years ago as a cathartic way of dealing with the day-to-day stresses of life
as a firefighter/paramedic for the Columbus Ohio Division of Fire. Now he focuses
his writing on fantasy where he can draw from his lifelong love of the genre. He
has been married for 14 years and has a son and two dogs.

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To download Douglas' press packet, go here:

I created "The Light of Epertase: Legends Reborn" as an escape from the real
world of firefighting and EMS. The idea for my world of Epertase came from a
single character named Rasi. I created Rasi when I was a teenager, originally to
be a comic book character, and when I decided to write a fantasy, I dug him out of
the deepest recesses of my mind. I built the world around him and "The Light of
Epertase" trilogy is, above all else, his story.


Since the dawn of time, the Light of Epertase has determined when the throne
was to be passed from elder to heir. For more than a thousand years, the Light's
decision had never been challenged...

Until now.

When a ruthless army advances on Epertase, the Light determines that corrupt
King Elijah is no longer fit to rule - his daughter, Princess Alina, is the kingdom's
only hope for salvation. After evil men violently abduct her, Epertase's fall appears

But all is not lost, for Alina has a secret lover lurking in the outer mountains; a
long-banished warrior willing to bring down armies and King Elijah himself to
save her. His name is Rasi and he prepares for blood. Deadly men plan to sacrifice
Alina for the Light of Epertase that lives within her soul. Rasi plans to kill all who
try. The kingdom's fate hangs in the balance.

If you want a sneak peek at Rasi and into the world of Epertase, Douglas has two
free short stories available for download here:


  1. ...a fellow writer from the Buckeye State! Sounds like an interesting read. Well done ;)


  2. Those covers are amazing! And serious kudos for the day job; paramedics and fire fighters are amongst the unsung heroes of the world.

  3. Thank you. I appreciate the kind words from both of you and I'll tell the artist that you like his work.

    Fellow Buckeyes-unite.

    I hope you get a chance to read my book and that you like it (Only $3.99 for the Nook version. Just sayin'.)

    Thanks also to Scott for such nice job on the blog. And for the kind review over on Goodreads.

  4. Beautiful cover art. Although those tentacles are really scary. I'm gonna add this book to my list of "to read" books on Goodreads.