Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tracking Shadows by Regan Black review

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Tracking Shadows
4 stars

Tracking Shadows by Regan Black is a story about Slick Micky the smuggler lord of Chicago's crime scene. Slick Mickey is not your normal criminal kingpin choosing to deal mainly in the lighter side of banned substances (sugar, caffeine, cigarettes, etc) he has a great setup for all of his mules. Unfortunately another local crime lord thinks they can do a better job being the smuggling king of Chicago and an assassin is hired to take him out. Starting with the murder of his partner and oldest friend puts Micky on the defensive and he begins a quest to find out who is trying to have him killed.

Trina Durham is one of the best assassins in the world. Taking the job to kill Micky was a pleasure for her as he killed her best friend in highschool. The chase that Trina is on to find Micky circles around as Micky tries to find her and who hired her.

Regan weaves her tale of suspense and intrigue around her characters very skillfully. The future that she creates has some wonderful advancements in technology and show the government getting more and more extreme in their restrictions of what they consider bad. This story will hold your interest from start to finish keeping you eager to turn the page. 

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