Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Trouble with Spells by Lacey Weatherford review

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The Trouble With Spells
3.5 stars

The Trouble With Spells (Of Witches and Warlocks) by Lacey Weatherford is the story of Portia and Vance.  Portia seems to be a normal girl approaching her 16th birthday.  Vance is the unknown around school, he keeps to himself and the rumors about him are pretty wild.  He also seems to be the guy that most of the girls secretly dream of dating.  

On Portia's 16th birthday she learns that she is a witch.  She learns that her father and grandmother are both magically inclined as well.  Her biggest surprise is finding out that Vance is a member of the same coven that she will be joining.  They begin to become romantically involved and the relationship moves extremely quickly from an emotional standpoint, with them having a joining ceremony and promising marriage.  

The action of the story comes from Vance's family.  His father is an evil warlock who has been following Vance to corrupt him.  Living life on the run has made it difficult for Vance to get close to those around him as he has spent his life moving.  Finding his soulmate in Portia has made him want to stand up to his father so he no longer has to run.  

The story flowed pretty smoothly it was just a bit too much teenage romance for my taste.  At the end of the story the action really begins to pick up and I am interested in reading the second book in the series.  If you enjoy paranormal romance then this is a series you should check out for sure.  

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  1. Great review as always, Scott. I've been reading some more teen-paranormal the last few years and this seems like it's right up my alley, thanks for helping promote Lacey!

    Is this where we leave a comment for a free book or is it over on her blog? I've started the sample and it's already sucked me in. :)


  2. Dean you can leave your comment here or at her blog. Just make sure to include the email you would like your copy sent to.

    Thanks for stopping by!