Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Curse of the Flamingos by Martha Gouws review

Curse of the Flamingo
4 stars
Curse of the Flamingo by Martha Gouws is a very interesting story. Martha Gouws has created a wonderfully unique world with a fantastic cast of characters. Egorh is the mortal incarnation of the favored son of Darkarh, god of magic. His three brothers plotted against him to gain the best inheritance and attempted to kill him. Arriving too late to save his favorite son Darkarh sends his soul to the mortal realm on the wings of giant flamingos. Steukhon, the high priest of Darkarh, arranges for the care of Egorh with Sir Matthew a noble and well respected lord. The villains are Egorh's three brothers who were banished to an unpleasant realm after their attempt to kill him and Zinnia the sorceress who was kicked out of her group after attempting to violate their laws and take ultimate power.

The world that she has built is wonderfully filled with original creatures and fun mythology. The characters interactions are pretty good and I enjoyed Egorh very much. This is a good solid fantasy adventure fit for early teens and after.

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