Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Endangered Memories by David Alderman review

Endangered Memories (Expired Reality)
3.5 stars

Endangered Memories (Expired Reality) by David Alderman takes place after the events of his Black Earth series.  Earth has been destroyed and the population now lives on the planet Anaisha.  David, Carrie, Veronica, and Sean are a group on teenagers who were known as the Lazerblades, a crime fighting team that stopped put away Mr. Big.  

Endangered Memories takes place when the group has broken up and is now living a fairly normal life.  David confessed his love to Carrie and she ran away now he is living his life regretting losing his best friend and soul mate.  Veronica is still hanging around watching over David to make sure he is ok.  

At the mall after a huge fight with his girlfriend David runs into Kimberly who is on the run from a monster that killed her uncle.  David's instinct to protect people who are in danger kicks in and he begins to help keep Kimberly safe.  

The story is a stand alone as you don't need to read the Black Earth series to understand what is going on, but I think it helps out immensely in understanding certain aspects of the environment.  In the beginning David's behavior seems a bit erratic at time which I think stopped me from really understanding him and getting behind him on his quest to get his girl back, but I was rooting for him by the end of the story.  

Copy provided by the author for review.

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