Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Legends Reborn by Douglas Brown review

Legends Reborn (The Light of Epertase, Book One)
5 stars

Legends Reborn (The Light of Epertase, Book One) is the first book published by Douglas Brown and it is a fantastic piece of work.  He tells the story of Rasi, a soldier who has been framed and fallen into disgrace.  While living the life of a hermit Rasi happens to meet Alina, the princess, and they fall in love.  This love must be kept secret as Rasi's life is forfeit if the king ever finds out where he is hiding.  Both Rasi and Alina are well crafted characters, but I truly enjoyed Simcane.  Simcane is a mercenary who loves his country but hates his King.  A man with a reputation for ferocity in battle tainted by rumors of treason.  

The Light of Epertase is a very cool way for the rule of a kingdom to be controlled.  It is almost like divine mandate having a physical manifestation.  If a ruler proves that they are no longer worthy the light leaves them and they are no longer in control.  This leads to Alina being kidnapped by people who have diabolical plans involving the heir to the light.  Rasi of course is willing to do whatever it takes, no matter the cost to himself to ensure the safety of his love.

This book has many unique qualities and is an amazing offering from a first time author.  My biggest regret is that I will have to wait another year to get to read the next installment.  Everything a fan of fantasy could ask for can be found in this book.  The battles are epic, the plot fantastic, the magic unique, and the characters are amazing.  This book should be on your TBR list for sure.

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  1. Gonna have to download the sample to this one. It sounds like one I'd like!