Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dylan Murphy and The Magic Touch by Brian Glenn

3.5 stars

This month all proceeds from the purchase of Dylan Murphy and the Magic Touch go to helping to save the arts programs at Brian Glenn's son's school.  Please give this some consideration and if the book appeals to you pick it up and support a good cause.

Dylan Murphy and The Magic Touch by Brian Glenn is an interesting story that can be enjoyed at any age.  The basic storyline is somewhat familiar with an evil wizard (Zondor) bent on conquering on the world (Eldora).  The kingdom of Colabra is the biggest holdout left and if he defeats them Eldora will fall to him.  All he has to do is vanquish his old foe and enslave his magic and he will have all the power he needs.  Luckily things don't quite go the way he has planned and the the magic (a sentient wand) escapes and ends up on planet Earth.  

Cue Dylan Murphy, a typical teenager, who is about to inherit powers that no one in our world has ever seen before.  Dylan is taking a holiday ski vacation with his dad when he starts to realize that something about him has changed severely.  When the voice of the wand starts to talk to him he is totally blown away by the possibilities.  What he doesn't realize is that Zondor is still hunting for the magic that Dylan now possesses and will stop at nothing to get it.  One evening at dinner with his dad and his friend Lisa a couple of Zondor's minions show up to take the wand.  They run into some agents from Colabra and there is a magical battle that ends up teleporting everyone to Eldora.  This is where things really start to pick up as far as a resolution to the problem with Zondor.

This book took me a couple of hours to read and for the most part I enjoyed the story.  It reminded me a bit of the Harry Potter series with some of the magical castings.  The second half of the book had a few parts were the flow of the writing was not as smooth as the rest of the book.  I would recommend this book for parents whose kids enjoy a good fantasy tale or as a family read.  It could very easily become something that I read to my daughter as she grows up.  Dylan Murphy and the Magic Touch scores a 3.5 overall score with a 4 being easily attainable with another round of edits.  The second book in the series is due out sometime in the next couple months and it is worth keeping an eye on.  

Copy provided by the author for review.

I have been told that the copy that I reviewed was an older version and edits have been made so it is possible that what I saw has already been fixed.

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