Thursday, September 8, 2011

Harbinger's of Mortality by Steve Thomas review

Harbingers of Mortality
4 stars

Harbingers of Mortality is the second book in The Histories of Atreus series by Steve Thomas.  The books are however both stand alone stories.  They both take place in Kalharia, but the only character they share is Atreus the King of the Underworld and chronicler of human history.  

This book actually has a bit more background into the world of Kalharia including how Atreus became the King of the Underworld and all about the powers of the sorcerer's.  The story follow Jeshu an assassin who is killing the government representatives of the Gurdur as he sees them as traitors to their people.  His most recent job turns out to be a lure to get him in the city so he can be captured.  He is then offered a job in exchange for establishing the rights of his people.  Although not believing he can trust his captors word he figures out he will have a much easier time escaping on the journey than from the dungeon.  

Accompanying him on the journey will be a Vian Knight, whose armor is almost completely immune to damage, a sorceress, and the strange child of a general who is supposed to learn from Jeshu.  The quest doesn't go how anyone really expected it to with all kinds of strange things happening along the way including the resurgence of an old god.  

This was a pretty good read and I liked it a bit more than An Exercise in Futility as the world is flushed out more.  I really like the fact that Steve uses Atreus to tell his stories as each book he writes can be a stand alone novel told to the King of the Underworld by the people who participated in it.  This book has a lot of action and tons of magic being thrown around.  I will continue to follow Steve's progress in writing about Kalharia and look forward to another volume hopefully soon.  

Review based on an ARC provided by author

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