Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Knight Moves by John G Hartness review

Knight Moves with Bonus Content (Black Knight Chronicles)
4 stars

Knight Moves by John Hartness is the third full length book in the Black Knight Chronicles.  This book brings the the core characters Jimmy, Greg, Sabrina, and Mike back for another crazy adventure.  This time Jimmy and Greg are called to the scene of a corpse completely drained of blood that has been posed at a construction site.  A body with absolutely no blood can only mean one thing, there is another vampire on their turf.  

This book shows Jimmy and Greg once again that they still have no idea what other paranormal activity is going on in their city.  There is also a bit more background on when the duo of vampires were recently turned and how they reacted to it.  The relationships between the characters are also revealed in a little bit more depth.  Do Sabrina and Jimmy have a chance?  What is the secret that Mike has been keeping from the guys?  

Another strong book in the series I will continue to follow along with the misadventures of the Black Knight Detective Agency.

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