Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Lady of Terras by J.M. Dain review

4 stars

Lady of Terras by J.M. Dain follows the young lady Diana as she grows from a toddler to an early adult.  Diana Vayde has a very solid family even though she is missing her parents.  She lives with her grandfather Merlyn who is as wonderful to her as he can be.  She also has a somewhat mischievous cousin Finn.  The black sheep of the family is Jeremiah, a man who does not respect any way other than his own.  Vayde manor is located pretty far off the beaten track of what could be considered civilization, but very near to a native village of the Minwah.  When Jeremiah does not get the respect he feels he deserves he runs off only to come back later with a deed from the king saying that all the land is now rightfully his and that Diana's parents never had a legal claim to any of it.  

Jeremiah founds his town very close to Vayde Manor and in order for Diana to have any chance at the land the is rightfully hers she has to play by his rules.  This includes all the laws he seems to make up just to insure that her life is unpleasant.  While all of this is going on Diana begins to hear strange things and learn about her true family legacy.  I will not go into any details on anything further other than to say I very much enjoyed learning about her family's true origins.

Overall this book is a good read and the series has a lot of potential.  I thought the story started out a little slowly, but there was a lot of development going on in the beginning that was necessary for the middle and end to make any sense at all.  The characters were well done for the most part.  I did get a bit frustrated with Diana at one point, but Finn, Merlyn, and a few others kept me involved in the story.  The magic system used remains mysterious for a good portion of the book, but when it is revealed it is a unique brand of magic that really makes me want to see what is coming in the second book of the series.  All in all I would say a 3.5 star book that easily rounds up to a 4 for ratings.  I will be keeping an eye out for book 2 in the future.

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