Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Other Side of Life by Jess C Scott review

4 stars

The Other Side of Life (TOSL) by Jess C Scott tells the story about a group of elves that grew tired of their races withdrawal from the world and two human thieves that do not like the direction the world is heading.  When the two groups meet they decide to work together to steal something that could be a key to changing the way both of their peoples look at the world.  

First off I will say that TOSL shows the views of the author very clearly through the story.  Jess does not like the way that a lot of things currently work in the world and you can tell through the book.  That being said the book is not just her preaching her views thinly veiled behind a cyber punk story.  The book is actually a very good read.  It has a lot of different elements that can appeal to a wide variety of people.  There are very cool tech toys, lots of thrilling scenes during the theft, action, intrigue, romance, friendship, loyalty, and redemption.  Even with all of the different themes the book does not get bogged down and keeps a fairly decent pace.  

This is a good read for ages 15 and up with no real loss of appeal to the older audience.  If you enjoy a good spy thriller this book could also be a good one to check out as the theft has some  excellent action sequences.

Copy provided by author for review.


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