Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Running Black by Patrick Todoroff review

4 stars

Running Black by Patrick Todoroff tells the story of a group of mercenaries from the Eshu International security company.  The year is 2059 and corporations pretty much run the world.  They are divided into various geographical zones and have treaties with what governments remain that can actually let them have military control over entire zones.

When Eshu International is contracted to steal the latest breakthrough in a stable nanotechnology implant for human use they know something is off.  The money offered for the job is just to outrageous for a standard job.  It is also way too much money to turn away from.  

The story has a couple of viewpoints that are followed including one of the clone Gibson.  When Gibson is exposed to friends of Eshu International who have left the mercenary lifestyle behind and embraced religion he begins to question his own spiritual existence.  The various team members of Eshu International are also confronted with some pretty huge moral dilemmas involving the technology they have stolen.  

Overall the story was pretty enjoyable.  I did have a few difficulties following some of the higher level tech talk, but nothing impeded the understanding of the story.  The book uses the advanced technology very well to have some pretty intense action sequences, but the characters are still developed nicely allowing you to get more involved in the story.  There is also a Christian theme to the story with the moral dilemmas faced by the mercs as well as the clone trying to figure out his place in the spiritual world.  This book works well for most scifi and cyberpunk fans.  I am very interested to see where Patrick takes the Eshu International guys in the next book. 

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  1. Glad you like it, Angela.

    Thanks, Scott. Much appreciated.