Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Feral Darkness by Doranna Durgin review

As a child, dog-loving Brenna Fallon naívely invokes an ancient Celtic deity to save her beloved hound--and inadvertently anchors the new-found power at a spring on her family's farm.

She doesn't know she's also left an opening for a far more malevolent force.

Years later, thanks to the actions of several angry young men, Brenna discovers the terrible potential of that gateway. With a devastating plague unfolding abruptly around her, she must depend on her wits, a stranger she doesn't trust, and a mysterious stray dog who becomes more than just a faithful companion as she struggles to drive back the threat of a modern Black Death.

Welded by a desperate sacrifice, woman, man, and dog face the feral darkness together.

My review:
4.5 stars

A Feral Darkness by Doranna Durgin tell the story of Brenna, an overworked pet groomer, whose reality is about to change drastically. When Brenna was a young girl she had a dog who was on his last leg. She did not want her dog to die so she researched ways to help. She found out about an old god that was said to favor canines and made an offering of her most precious possession, her hair. That dog had a good long life after that offering and was buried by the "shrine" that she had made her sacrifice at earlier in life. Years later some people come and defile that sacred spot. Not necessarily out of malice for the site, just drunken idiocy. That defamation brings the attention of a darker force to the site.

Today Brenna lives on her family's farm land renting out fields for others to grow crops on and working at a large pet store chain as a groomer. She always kept her dog's grave and the shrine area clear out of love for her childhood companion. Rumors of a pack of wild dogs in the area begin to circulate and it becomes dangerous for Brenna to out at night. One day she finds a very frightened corgi on her front porch. The dog's tag says his name is Druid and Brenna immediately begins to fall for him. Druid's strange behavior leads her to talk to Gil Masera, a dog trainer who recently began classes at her store. These two characters take Brenna on a journey to figure out what really happened all those years ago with her offering to save her dog and what force of darkness was brought about by the defilement of the sacred shrine.

This book was a pretty fantastic read. The level of suspense was kept pretty high throughout and even though I had suspicions of what was going on I was never really sure. Brenna is a wonderfully written character who really evolves as a person as she learns about her inner strength. I have to say that I am a sucker for dogs and having them be a core point to the story did not hurt my opinion of the book at all. That being said Druid was a wonderful dog that developed his own personality through the story. I have never had a corgi, but I have always wanted one and this book did nothing to change that. A Feral Darkness could fit into multiple genres very well and be a great example of all of them.

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  1. A good fantasy book with dogs? On top of which, a corgi plays a significant part?

    Gonna have to check this one out! Cardigan or Pembroke? Tail or no tail? :)

  2. I believe there was mention of a tail wagging although I can't guarantee it.

  3. This is a new twist usually the fantasy books always have cats. I will have to check this one out. Thanks!