Monday, October 10, 2011

Free Book Monday

For today's Free Book Monday celebration I have two things to point out.  The first is a birthday/blog anniversary giveaway over at Patricia Lynne's blog.  She has a whole lot of prizes and you can gain up to three entries by following her guidelines.  Stop by say hi and wish her a happy birthday.

The second bonus on Free Book Monday is Smite me, Oh Dark One.  This is a novella by Steve Thomas that I thought was a great read.  It is quick, but a lot of fun.  There is a lot of humor involved and it is a very unique standpoint coming from a god of "darkness".

Acerbus hates his job. While he is content to watch and study the mortal races, the other gods constantly look for reasons to destroy their newly-created world. When they finally find an excuse, they command Acerbus to become the Smiter, destroyer of all creation.

Armed with nothing but spite and goblins, Acerbus decides that there is only one way to ensure his own failure and save the world: by becoming an Evil Overlord.

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  1. Thanks, Scott. I'd also like to point out that "Smite Me, Oh Dark One" is available on Nook as well: