Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hunted by Lindsay Buroker review

Self-taught tinkerer Kali McAlister is determined to build an airship and escape the frigid Yukon forever. Unfortunately, she’s the heir to the secrets of flash gold, an alchemical energy source that tends to make her a popular target for bandits, gangsters, and pirates. Not to mention a mysterious new nemesis with an arsenal of deadly machines superior to Kali's own inventions..

My review:
5 stars

Hunted by Lindsay Buroker is the second book in the Flash Gold Chronicles.  This is another fantastic steampunk book by an author that has mastered the genre.  Hunted continues the story of Kali McAlister and Cedar.  Cedar is a bounty hunter who has enlisted Kali's skills with invention to help him catch his targets making her a 50/50 partner.  Kali dreams of getting enough money to build an airship that will allow her to escape the frozen tundra of the Yukon.  

Kali accepted Cedar's offer not only because it would get her the money she so desperately wanted, but because her ex boyfriend had let out a secret that had all kinds of people looking to rob/kidnap/kill her.  She possessed some of her father's alchemical masterpiece flash gold.  A magical substance used to power some of her creations it had properties making it unique and extremely valuable.  When Sebastian, her ex, shows up in her life again to try to sweet talk her into working for him a whole new set of problems appears.

One of the major reasons that I pick up every book that Lindsay writes are her characters.  They way they interact with real personality and humor makes all of her books fantastic reads.  This book reveals a bit more of the past of both Cedar and Kali as well as explores their relationship a little more in depth.  The mechanical creations used both by and against Kali in the novel show a great level of creativity and it can really keep a reader on their toes never knowing what they can expect.  If you have not read Flash Gold (or the Emperor's Edge series) go pick up the first book in the series and you will be hooked.

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  1. I'll vouch for all of her books. Every one I've read has been utterly fantastic!

    I really do hope she writes a full length story with Kali and Cedar as the main characters. I'd buy it in a heartbeat!!