Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winter Holiday Book Giveaway Extravaganza!!! Nearly 300 FREE books and ebooks!!!

Well everyone it is getting to be time for all of the Winter Holidays to come around so here at the Indie Book Blog we are doing a HUGE book giveaway.  Thanks to the amazing generosity of these indie authors we have almost 300 prizes to giveaway!!!  As the month goes on several of these authors will be providing guest posts for more info, but don't wait sign up now!  If there are any books you are specifically interested in please don't hesitate to ask.  Also if you are interested in talking to any of the authors most of them are members of the Indie Book Club over on Goodreads so come join the discussions.


Bakkian Chronicles, Book I - The Prophecy
by Jeffrey Poole
Bakkian Chronicles, Book II - Insurrection   by Jeffrey Poole (signed copy!)
Ephemera  by Jeffery Anderson
The Sword and the Dragon
by M. R. Mathias (signed copy!)
The Royal Dragoneers by M. R. Mathias (signed copy!)
Cadman's Gambit by D. P. Prior
An Oak of Hope by Ken and Brandy Camel

Scourge of Screbulum by Ken and Brandy Camel
Legends Reborn by Douglas R Brown

Bakkian Chronicles, Book I - The Prophecy by Jeffrey Poole (already free!)
Bakkian Chronicles, Book II - Insurrection   by Jeffrey Poole (10 e-copies!)
by Jeffery Anderson
Harbingers of Mortality by Steve Thomas
Hemlock and the Wizard Tower
by B Throwsnaill (10 e-copies!)
Liberator's Ruin
by P. J. Johns
The Hawk and His Boy (Tormay Trilogy #1)
by Christopher Bunn
The Shadow at the Gate (Tormay Trilogy #2)
by Christopher Bunn
The Wicked Day (Tormay Trilogy #3) by Christopher Bunn
An Oak of Hope (Brandeis of Aura #1)  by Kenneth Camel
Scourge of Screbulum (Brandeis of Aura #2) by Kenneth Camel
Paradox Equation  by Sharon L. Reddy
S.I.  by Sharon L. Reddy
Survival of Cade by Sharon L. Reddy
Platinum Mind by Sharon L. Reddy
Barb, Blade and the Prince of Purse  by Sharon L. Reddy
This Brilliant Darkness by Red Tash
Cadman's Gambit by D.P. Prior (20 e-copies!)
Best Laid Plans by D.P. Prior (20 e-copies!)

Thanatos Rising by D.P. Prior (free)
The Ant-Man of Malfen by D.P. Prior
Lucifer's Odyssey by Rex Jameson
   (50 e-copies!)
Brother Thief (Song of the Aura, Book One) by Gregory J. Downs (20 e-copies!)
Winter Warrior (Song of the Aura, Book Two) by Gregory J. Downs (10 e-copies!)
Grym Prophet (Song of the Aura, Book Three) by Gregory J. Downs (10 e-copies!)
Mordred by Gregory J. Downs (10 e-copies!)
Twin-Bred by Karen A. Wyle
Gods in the Machine by Marilyn Peake (50 e-copies!)
Fisherman's Son by Marilyn Peake (50 e-copies!)
Pulse by Acacia Green (10 e-copies!)
The Comrades by Lynne Sears Williams (2 e-copies!)
Demon Gates by Robert Day (10 e-copies!)
Ashar'an Rising by Robert Day (10 e-copies!)

In Wilder Lands by Jim Galford (5 ecopies!)
The Hollow March by Chris Galford (2 e-copies!) 
Draykon by Charlotte English (10 e-copies!)
Lokant by Charlotte English (10 e-copies!) 
Basement Blues by JH Sked (10 e-copies!)
WolfSong by JH Sked (10 e-copies!)
5 e-book bundles by J. Adams (The LegacyThat Kind of Love-A Legacy Novelette, Against the Odds, Still His Woman-An Against the Odds Novelette, The Wishing Hour, and Guardian of My Heart-A Challissian Novelette)

Rules:  Print books open to residents of the continental US only.  Ebooks open worldwide.  To enter leave an e-mail address so I can contact all winners.  Emails will be forwarded to authors for prize distribution.  All prizes are prize fulfillment is the responsibility of the author.  Closed for entries midnight 12/31/11 Eastern time.

**UPDATE**  I have added this contact form for people who prefer not to leave their emails in public.   Feel free to use the contact form, but please leave a comment below as well.  Thanks everyone!!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday FREE book giveaway

Happy Cyber Monday everyone!  As a retail employee these past two weeks are filled with misery preparing for the inevitable rush of shopping this past weekend.  The good news is, it is all over and I have caught back up on my sleep.

To celebrate the relatively new tradition of Cyber Monday M.R. Mathias has donated THREE signed copies of his newest book Cold Hearted Son of a Witch.

As this giveaway is for hard copies of the book it is open to continental US residents only.  Closed to new entries 12/12/11 midnight EST.  I will then notify the winners and collect addresses then forward that info to the author.  Eligible entries must contain an email address so I can notify the winners.  Good luck everyone!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Picture Perfect by David Alderman free for a limited time!

David is offering up his background novella Picture Perfect free for the holiday weekend!  Check out this page of his blog for the coupon code to get it from Smashwords.  If you want a little bit more background here is my review of the book.

I'm not sure if I'll get a post up tomorrow so if I don't have a great holiday weekend everyone!  Also be sure to stop by on Monday for a chance to win one of three signed copies of Cold Hearted Son of a Witch by M.R. Mathias.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cadman's Gambit by D.P. Prior review

Dr Ernst Cadman has led a quiet life, but that’s how he’s wanted it all these hundreds of years. With a secret like his, anonymity and caution are the best friends a man can have. Nothing could tempt him from the safety of his parasitic existence at the heart of the city of Sarum—at least nothing this side of the Abyss.

Cadman stakes everything on obtaining the artefact that once destroyed an entire civilization, but in so doing he draws the gaze of a sinister presence from beyond the stars.

Meanwhile, Deacon Shader, veteran of the war against the undead armies of the Liche Lord, has one last fight in him. This time it’s just a tournament, with the prize a sword steeped in myth. Win or lose, Shader intends to defy his Templum master and retire to the Abbey of Pardes.

When a horror from the past wrecks Shader’s monastic dream and leads him to plague torn Sarum, he finds an ancient power unleashed that imperils more than he could possibly imagine—a power now in the hands of Dr Cadman.

Gods tremble, and worlds will fall unless Shader can conquer his personal demons and accept the fate he’s been prepared for since birth.

My review:
4 stars

Cadman's Gambit by D.P. Prior is the first book in the Shader series.  Taking place about 1000 years in Earth's future only the general landscape of the planet remains unchanged.  The story is woven in a complex arc that unwraps itself layer by layer to grant you a fuller understanding of who the characters are and what has happened to the world.

Deacon is the hero, a man of the church, who struggles with his own identity.  One who believes in peace, but is himself capable of great violence to protect his beliefs.

Cadman is a predator who is afraid of being revealed for what he truly is.  Hiding behind an illusory mask loathing the idea of what he has become, but unable to let go of his existence.

Sektis Gandaw an otherwordly figure ruled by logic and technology.  He wants to be able to return to the world and take what he sees as his rightful place at the top of it.  Unable to take direct physical action he uses his tools to have his agents seek out something that can change everything.

There are many more characters that we are treated to a surprising amount of insight about.  This book doesn't just have a few well formed characters and a cast of cardboard cutouts to fill the space and advance the plot.  Each person has their own motivations for their actions and the majority of them are easy to understand.

This book requires a fair amount of attention to detail to understand all of the different philosophies and political ideologies that the different regions follow.  Understanding them is important to really being able to submerge yourself in the complex state of the world.  This book is highly recommended for people who enjoy complete characters, complex worlds, and intriguing plot lines.  In other words if you like fantasy give the book a shot.

Review copy provided by the author.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Steve Thomas's books free for a limited time!

Steve Thomas has made his books free on Smashwords for a limited time only.  Check out Harbingers of Mortality and An Exercise in Futility.  Check out his author page for the downloads.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Spiral Tattoo by Michael J. Parry review

Law comes in two sizes: six inches and eight feet.

Elanore, the eight-foot tall troll, and Gurt, the six-inch tall (don't you dare call me a fairy) Eleinu, both guardsmen in the city of Delvenport, tackle their most baffling case yet. When they find a dead waitress, naked except for an intricate tattoo in a spiral across her body, they're launched into an adventure in the seedier side of Delvenport, filled with rogue mages, prostitution, and narcotics. 

But can they solve the case before madness and riots take over the city?

My review:
4 stars

The Spiral Tattoo by Michael J. Parry was a unique fantasy detective story following Elanore, an 8 foot tall troll and Gurt, the 6 inch tall Eleinu (a pixie/fairy character). Instead of completely redefining trolls, Elanore is a bit of a standout for her race. She is still very tough and you don't want to make her mad, but she is mostly calm and cerebral when investigating. Gurt is a bit of an enigma as well. Born into nobility he chose to leave it all behind when he got tired of all the politics that accompanied his birthright. 

The two characters form a strong bond and a very effective team utilizing each others strengths. Elanore is large and very powerful, while Gurt is unobtrusive and fairly skilled with magic. The combination enables them to deal with most threats that they run into, as well as giving them a very wide point of view when dealing with the leads they are chasing down. 

I felt that this book was very well done. I enjoyed the interactions between the two main characters and the extra helper that Gurt gets along the way was amusing at times. The pacing was also well done, there weren't any spots that I felt were overloaded with needless descriptions. The villain wasn't that hard to figure out, but I'm not sure how well hidden it was supposed to be. The system of magic seemed to be fairly well done, though if more books with these characters are coming out I would enjoy a little bit more explanation. Overall this book is definitely a good addition to the library if you are a fan of fantasy or crime books. The mix of action, character development, comedy, and mystery worked very well. If more books come out involving these characters I will be following them for sure.

Review copy provided by author.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Liberator's Ruin by P.J. Johns review

In a world at war, three people will decide the fate of an entire country. 

Nathaniel An’Rieyr is the captain of the airship Storm Brother and profiteer extraordinaire. He dreams of making his fortune in the lucrative southern trade routes. But to achieve that, he will need to get involved in a war he has made a career of avoiding. 

As the last surviving member of the Illysian Royal Family, the war is all Anna has left. The Rhivellian Empire took her family, her throne and her country. Unable to compete against the might of the Rhivellian war machine, Anna enacts a plan to retrieve a mighty artefact from a long forgotten Age. With it, she will finally have the power to reclaim her kingdom; a goal for which she will sacrifice anyone, even her closest ally. 

Thomas Ras’Kar, High Inquisitor of the Rhivellian Empire, has been sent to Illum in disgrace, where he will be forced to contend with the incompetent Thane Charles. Three years of occupation has seen the city’s populace cowed and the Thane’s interest turned to his own pleasures. A fate worse than death for a man of honour and action such as Thomas. But the Princess is returning to Illum, and she may be the key to his redemption.

My review:

Liberator's Ruin by P.J. Johns was a wonderful book.  It takes place in a world of interesting technology.  It has a bit of a steampunk feel to it, but there is not the steam driven technology that is required for that genre to truly fit.  The truly unique feature of the world is a mineral that is used in what are basically anti-gravity engines.  That is what allows the giant airships to rule the skies and even enables floating island colonies.

There are some wonderful characters in the book, my favorites being Nathaniel, Fran, Grekhis, and even Thomas.  There are several story lines active through the book following the different characters and no surprise I enjoyed Nathaniel's crew the most by far.  They have some great interactions and all seem to be good people despite the morally gray area that many of their jobs fall in.

I despised the character Anna.  Now that seems bad, but in reality I think it reflects very well on how she was written.  If I was apathetic to her it would show much less depth to her character, however I wanted terrible things to happen to her.

Review copy provided by the author.

This book was discussed in the Indie Book Club on Goodreads.  If you have read or have any questions about it feel free to stop by and ask!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Lindsay Buroker new release!!

Today marked the release of Deadly Games the newest chapter of the Emperor's Edge series by Lindsay Buroker.  For steampunk fans this is a series you need to read.  Here is the blurb for the newest book:

When you’ve been accused of kidnapping an emperor, and every enforcer in the city wants your head, it’s hard to prove yourself an honorable person and even harder to earn an imperial pardon.

That doesn’t keep Amaranthe Lokdon and her team of outlaws from trying. When athletes start disappearing from the Imperial Games, they may finally have an opportunity to show the emperor that they’re on his side. If she and her comrades can get to the bottom of such a public mystery, they’re sure to get the credit.

But plans go awry when Amaranthe’s own men start plotting against each other, the new ally she’d hoped to acquire tries to turn her in, and her best fighter—and closest friend—disappears. 

Maybe getting involved wasn’t such a good idea after all…

Check out the rest of the series here:
The Emperor's Edge
Dark Currents

Lindsay's author page on Amazon

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Night Watchman Express by Alison DeLuca review Blog Tour de Troops

The Night Watchman Express by Alison DeLuca tells the story of Miriam.  She is a young girl whose father recently passes away leaving her an orphan under the care of her late father's business partners, the Marchpanes.  Unfortunately it seems that the Marchpanes have some kind of sinister plan involving the business her father worked so hard to build.  Miriam completely rebels against the newcomers to her home until Mana, the new governess is hired to take care of her.  Mana earns Miriams respect and teaches her to behave much more appropriately to her guardians.  The Marchpanes are unaware that Mana is in the house acting as a spy for her own reasons.

They story unfolds fairly well although I wasn't really sure where it was going in the beginning.  I really began to become interested with the introduction of Mana and the demonstration of her special skill.  The development of the characters is done very well with Mana teaching Miriam and the relationship the develops with Simon and Neil, the Marchpanes son and his friend from school.

The last quarter or so of the book actually focus on Neil and his adventures on Mana's home island.  This is where the action really begins to pick up, but the book ends with several questions unanswered.  Miriam and Simon are on the Night Watchman Express and it seems like a very bad thing.  Even though I am normally not a fan of the cliff hanger type endings this one wasn't too bad as there was some resolution in the story involving Neil and I will most likely be checking out the next book Devil's Kitchen.  I give the book 4 out of 5 stars.

Review copy provided by the author.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Liberty Spin by Keith Brooke review

3 stars
Liberty Spin by Keith Brooke is a collection of scifi short stories.  One thing that I did really appreciate was the inclusion of a brief history of how the story came to be as an afterword.  Each story was well written and the thought that Keith put into each of them was obvious in the vivid descriptions and technical details.  As in all short story collections there were some I liked better than others, but my favorite would be the first story from the collection.  Jurassic and the Great Tree tells the story of three unique minds sharing the same body.  They are a scientific observation team being sent into the jungle to observe a people about which very little is known.  The shared body caused some internal conflicts and was well written especially considering the difficulty of keeping a clear plot with such a strange character.

The three star rating is more a reflection of my general feelings towards space/alien stories than any fault of the author.  If you are a fan of scifi books this collection is perfect and I will be reading more by the author as his tale weaving was impressive.

Review copy provided.

Other works by Keith Brooke
Keith's Amazon Author page

Friday, November 4, 2011

My guest spot at Angela White's Blog

Angela White (author of The Survivors and Bachelor Battles among other things) was nice enough to invite me over to share some thoughts on her blog.  Stop by and see my thoughts on how to ask for a review to maximize success and don't forget to say hi!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Insurrection the second chapter of The Bakkian Chronicles has arrived

Steve and Sarah have returned with a new problem only they can solve.  The story continues...

The man and boy were completely oblivious to anyone else in the room.  The red, blue, green, and yellow symbols kept appearing faster and faster.  Just then, the dread orange symbol appeared.  The boy's concentration faltered; there were just too many notes to keep track of at the same time.  Death was inevitable.
"Hah!  Got you, squirt!!"
The band's bass guitarist triumphantly raised his arms into the air and let out a whoop.  The boy, meanwhile, grinned at his band mate and quickly selected another song, one that he knew his opponent would be unable to complete.  The Xbox 360 obediantly loaded the song and Steve Perry's clean tenor flowed through the speakers.
The boy raised an eyebrow and smirked.  "Let us see ye get through that on expert!"
Scowling, Steve cracked his knuckles.  While he enjoyed Journey's "Don't Stop Believing", it was a royal pain in his backside to play in Rock Band on expert, and Mikal knew it.  That opening rift blew chunks.
"You're never gonna take me, kid."
Nearly a year has passed.  Mikal is safe and acclimatizing well to living on a foreign world.  There were wonders here that he never could have imagined existed, let alone experienced for himself.  Video games were fast becoming his hobby, and Rock Band his favorite title.  He and his two protectors played his favorite, Rock Band, every Friday night.  They only managed to coerce Tristan into participating one time, and unfortunately, he  did not care for the drums.
Life was good.  Too good.  Bad things always tend to happen when you least expect them.  This was no different.  A plot has been hatched, one that will ensure young Mikal's return to Lentari.
When Steve gets a mysterious message that says a member of the royal family has been abducted, he makes the decision to return to Lentari with his wife so they could aid the rescue party.  Mikal is left safe and secure back in Coeur d’Alene with Annie, Sarah’s sister, and Tristan, his tutor.   When Mikal sneaks through the portal to try to help, his presence in Lentari becomes known and draws the attention of the dark wizard who desperately wants to get his hands on him.
Battling thieving invaders, outsmarting repulsive trolls, and trying to stay one step ahead of a wizard bent on acquiring Mikal at all costs, Steve and Sarah must use all the powers at their disposal to keep their young charge safe.

Seek ye not the protector’s wrath...

Prophecy Kindle (Book 1) free for a limited time!!
Prophecy Print (Book 1)
Insurrection Kindle (Book 2)
Insurrection Print (Book 2)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First stop on Ty Johnston's Ghosts of the Asylum blog tour

Fantasy author Ty Johnston’s blog tour 2011 is running from November 1 through November 30. His novels include City of RoguesBayne’s Climb and More than Kin, all of which are available for the Kindle, the Nook and online at Smashwords. His latest novel, Ghosts of the Asylum, will be available for e-books on November 21. To find out more, follow him at his blog.

Ghosts of the Asylum part of much larger tale

I might be insane. For nearly two decades now, I have had a lengthy epic fantasy storyline running in my head. This story features a cast of characters in the hundreds, and spans across thousands of years, with particular characters and periods of time standing out more than others. That’s not the insane part. The insane part is six years ago I decided I needed to write all these stories down for others to enjoy.

Thus came about my first epic fantasy novel, City of Rogues, which is itself only the first book in my Kobalos Trilogy. The events of City of Rogues and that trilogy take place right in the middle of my much longer story. In other words, I did not start at the beginning.

After finishing writing that trilogy, I decided to go back in time nearly two thousand years and cover the early history of another character, Bayne kul Kanon, in a trilogy of novellas, the first of which is titled Bayne’s Climb. For those who pay attention, there are links between Bayne’s time and that of my Kobalos Trilogy, some evident and some not so much.

When I had finished writing about Bayne, I felt it was time to jump back to the era of my Kron Darkbow character. Which is why I wrote Ghosts of the Asylum, a sequel novel to the Kobalos Trilogy.

Between novels, I also have written several short stories in which events take place in my longer series, what I think of as my Ursian Chronicles.

So far that’s four novels, three novellas and a half dozen or so short stories, all to tell one rather long tale. And I’m nowhere near the finish line.

Which is why I question my sanity. When it is all said and done, my Ursian Chronicles could easily include forty or more novels. I don’t even know if I can live long enough to complete such a series, and then there are plenty of unrelated novels and tales I want to write.

Ah, the curse of being a writer. Too many ideas and not enough time.