Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Insurrection the second chapter of The Bakkian Chronicles has arrived

Steve and Sarah have returned with a new problem only they can solve.  The story continues...

The man and boy were completely oblivious to anyone else in the room.  The red, blue, green, and yellow symbols kept appearing faster and faster.  Just then, the dread orange symbol appeared.  The boy's concentration faltered; there were just too many notes to keep track of at the same time.  Death was inevitable.
"Hah!  Got you, squirt!!"
The band's bass guitarist triumphantly raised his arms into the air and let out a whoop.  The boy, meanwhile, grinned at his band mate and quickly selected another song, one that he knew his opponent would be unable to complete.  The Xbox 360 obediantly loaded the song and Steve Perry's clean tenor flowed through the speakers.
The boy raised an eyebrow and smirked.  "Let us see ye get through that on expert!"
Scowling, Steve cracked his knuckles.  While he enjoyed Journey's "Don't Stop Believing", it was a royal pain in his backside to play in Rock Band on expert, and Mikal knew it.  That opening rift blew chunks.
"You're never gonna take me, kid."
Nearly a year has passed.  Mikal is safe and acclimatizing well to living on a foreign world.  There were wonders here that he never could have imagined existed, let alone experienced for himself.  Video games were fast becoming his hobby, and Rock Band his favorite title.  He and his two protectors played his favorite, Rock Band, every Friday night.  They only managed to coerce Tristan into participating one time, and unfortunately, he  did not care for the drums.
Life was good.  Too good.  Bad things always tend to happen when you least expect them.  This was no different.  A plot has been hatched, one that will ensure young Mikal's return to Lentari.
When Steve gets a mysterious message that says a member of the royal family has been abducted, he makes the decision to return to Lentari with his wife so they could aid the rescue party.  Mikal is left safe and secure back in Coeur d’Alene with Annie, Sarah’s sister, and Tristan, his tutor.   When Mikal sneaks through the portal to try to help, his presence in Lentari becomes known and draws the attention of the dark wizard who desperately wants to get his hands on him.
Battling thieving invaders, outsmarting repulsive trolls, and trying to stay one step ahead of a wizard bent on acquiring Mikal at all costs, Steve and Sarah must use all the powers at their disposal to keep their young charge safe.

Seek ye not the protector’s wrath...

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  1. Hi Scott!

    Thanks for the mention on your blog! I still can't believe #2 is out and that I've already started on #3. Where does all the time go? :)