Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Liberty Spin by Keith Brooke review

3 stars
Liberty Spin by Keith Brooke is a collection of scifi short stories.  One thing that I did really appreciate was the inclusion of a brief history of how the story came to be as an afterword.  Each story was well written and the thought that Keith put into each of them was obvious in the vivid descriptions and technical details.  As in all short story collections there were some I liked better than others, but my favorite would be the first story from the collection.  Jurassic and the Great Tree tells the story of three unique minds sharing the same body.  They are a scientific observation team being sent into the jungle to observe a people about which very little is known.  The shared body caused some internal conflicts and was well written especially considering the difficulty of keeping a clear plot with such a strange character.

The three star rating is more a reflection of my general feelings towards space/alien stories than any fault of the author.  If you are a fan of scifi books this collection is perfect and I will be reading more by the author as his tale weaving was impressive.

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