Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winter Holiday Book Giveaway Extravaganza!!! Nearly 300 FREE books and ebooks!!!

Well everyone it is getting to be time for all of the Winter Holidays to come around so here at the Indie Book Blog we are doing a HUGE book giveaway.  Thanks to the amazing generosity of these indie authors we have almost 300 prizes to giveaway!!!  As the month goes on several of these authors will be providing guest posts for more info, but don't wait sign up now!  If there are any books you are specifically interested in please don't hesitate to ask.  Also if you are interested in talking to any of the authors most of them are members of the Indie Book Club over on Goodreads so come join the discussions.


Bakkian Chronicles, Book I - The Prophecy
by Jeffrey Poole
Bakkian Chronicles, Book II - Insurrection   by Jeffrey Poole (signed copy!)
Ephemera  by Jeffery Anderson
The Sword and the Dragon
by M. R. Mathias (signed copy!)
The Royal Dragoneers by M. R. Mathias (signed copy!)
Cadman's Gambit by D. P. Prior
An Oak of Hope by Ken and Brandy Camel

Scourge of Screbulum by Ken and Brandy Camel
Legends Reborn by Douglas R Brown

Bakkian Chronicles, Book I - The Prophecy by Jeffrey Poole (already free!)
Bakkian Chronicles, Book II - Insurrection   by Jeffrey Poole (10 e-copies!)
by Jeffery Anderson
Harbingers of Mortality by Steve Thomas
Hemlock and the Wizard Tower
by B Throwsnaill (10 e-copies!)
Liberator's Ruin
by P. J. Johns
The Hawk and His Boy (Tormay Trilogy #1)
by Christopher Bunn
The Shadow at the Gate (Tormay Trilogy #2)
by Christopher Bunn
The Wicked Day (Tormay Trilogy #3) by Christopher Bunn
An Oak of Hope (Brandeis of Aura #1)  by Kenneth Camel
Scourge of Screbulum (Brandeis of Aura #2) by Kenneth Camel
Paradox Equation  by Sharon L. Reddy
S.I.  by Sharon L. Reddy
Survival of Cade by Sharon L. Reddy
Platinum Mind by Sharon L. Reddy
Barb, Blade and the Prince of Purse  by Sharon L. Reddy
This Brilliant Darkness by Red Tash
Cadman's Gambit by D.P. Prior (20 e-copies!)
Best Laid Plans by D.P. Prior (20 e-copies!)

Thanatos Rising by D.P. Prior (free)
The Ant-Man of Malfen by D.P. Prior
Lucifer's Odyssey by Rex Jameson
   (50 e-copies!)
Brother Thief (Song of the Aura, Book One) by Gregory J. Downs (20 e-copies!)
Winter Warrior (Song of the Aura, Book Two) by Gregory J. Downs (10 e-copies!)
Grym Prophet (Song of the Aura, Book Three) by Gregory J. Downs (10 e-copies!)
Mordred by Gregory J. Downs (10 e-copies!)
Twin-Bred by Karen A. Wyle
Gods in the Machine by Marilyn Peake (50 e-copies!)
Fisherman's Son by Marilyn Peake (50 e-copies!)
Pulse by Acacia Green (10 e-copies!)
The Comrades by Lynne Sears Williams (2 e-copies!)
Demon Gates by Robert Day (10 e-copies!)
Ashar'an Rising by Robert Day (10 e-copies!)

In Wilder Lands by Jim Galford (5 ecopies!)
The Hollow March by Chris Galford (2 e-copies!) 
Draykon by Charlotte English (10 e-copies!)
Lokant by Charlotte English (10 e-copies!) 
Basement Blues by JH Sked (10 e-copies!)
WolfSong by JH Sked (10 e-copies!)
5 e-book bundles by J. Adams (The LegacyThat Kind of Love-A Legacy Novelette, Against the Odds, Still His Woman-An Against the Odds Novelette, The Wishing Hour, and Guardian of My Heart-A Challissian Novelette)

Rules:  Print books open to residents of the continental US only.  Ebooks open worldwide.  To enter leave an e-mail address so I can contact all winners.  Emails will be forwarded to authors for prize distribution.  All prizes are prize fulfillment is the responsibility of the author.  Closed for entries midnight 12/31/11 Eastern time.

**UPDATE**  I have added this contact form for people who prefer not to leave their emails in public.   Feel free to use the contact form, but please leave a comment below as well.  Thanks everyone!!

Contact Form

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Please select which type of prizes you are interested in winning. Remember print books are only available to people in the continental US.

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Please include any specific books you are looking to win. Thanks for entering!

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  1. Free books!!!! Been waiting for this!!

    I'll gladly sign up for any book I don't already have!

  2. Count me in, I devour Indie books :)

  3. Oh my, i'm interested in all of these! Count me in. :]

  4. What a wonderful opportunity, in Particular Son od a witch: M R Mathias or Oak of Hope Kenneth camel.

    **You do such a great job, I love this site - keep up the good work!

  5. Definitely count me in, though I'd like to not win my own books. ;P

  6. Oooh count me in please! Great giveaway!

    fullmoonbites [at] gmail [dot] com

  7. Sign me up as well! dualhammers [at] gmail [dot] com

  8. a free ebook sounds good. thinking of getting a Kindle Fire after Christmas if I do not get one. I think it would fit in my purse & I would always have it with me.

  9. Sign me up! I'd love to win any of these books that aren't my own.

  10. Please put me in! I would love to read all those books LOL and of course I always do a review ;D

    thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Dang! I hit the jackpot coming here. Fantastic.

    And thanks to all the authors!

  13. What a great giveaway! Count me in please!
    TY to all the authors for making this happen!
    DeAnna S. @SacredmOOn1

  14. Excellent! How do we sign up?

  15. Joanna your comment with email gets you into the general drawing. If you want a specific book just let me know.

  16. I love Indie books and authors there are some great books on the list. Thank you to all the authors for this great giveaway.


  17. Amazing blog and giveaway.


  18. Uncle scott, here is a genuine legit comment.
    I apologize for not leaving a full wordy comment the first time.
    I really would enjoy a free book, it would just make my day.(:
    Have a fantastic night, I hope you can genuinely appreciate my comment.
    Good Day!

  19. Count me in also! kybunnies [@] gmail [dot] com
    Thanks a bunch for this

  20. Please sign me up for this symphony of free e-book goodness! bthrowsnaill wiztower <....> com .
    Thanks for organizing this!

  21. I'd love to enter. Is it open internationally?

  22. Riteshkala - print books are US only, but the ebooks are good internationally.

  23. Oh my goodness, this is EPIC!!! Great giveaway guys, thank you so much. I want all of the books, but my choices are between

    Ephemera by Jeffery Anderson
    The Sword and the Dragon by M. R. Mathias

    Great giveaway again, thank you so much again :)

    drharleyquinn87 (at) gmail (dot) com

  24. New follower. Great selection of prizes. Great choices. Come visit me as well.

    GFC Name: Grace Fonseca

    Livre De Amour-Books of Love Blog

  25. sign me up at

  26. Sign me up @
    Count me in, I am up for more good books as have a lot more free time on my hands these days now that I am no longer able to work.

  27. I would LOVE a copy of the Royal Dragoneers or any eBook you want to send my way!

    Thanks, Marya

  28. I looks like blogger is letting me comment - finally! Please sign me up - janetsked(@)

  29. Love the blog can't wait to add some of these to my to read list. Please sign me up baxtertonil (at) gmail (dot)com

  30. This is so much fun! My email address is

  31. Thank you for the giveaway! I'd love to have the chance to win "Draykon" or "Locant" by Charlotte English.

  32. Hey Scott,

    Count me in on the contest.

  33. What a amazing list of books!! I would love to enter!!!

  34. Wow, look at all the great books! Merry Christmas!

  35. Wow lots of good books! Sign me up!

    tricia (dot) kristufek (at) gmail (dot) com

  36. This is so much fun - just like Christmas - woo hoo

    clenna at aol dot com

  37. What a great giveaway! I've read both 'Draykon' and 'Lokant' -- they are fabulous!

  38. I am interested in winning these
    Draykon by Charlotte English (10 e-copies!)
    Lokant by Charlotte English (10 e-copies!)
    Thanks so much for the giveaway! christina_92 at

  39. Amazing giveaway! Count me in for a copy of Lokant. Thanks!


  40. I'd love to win any of the ebooks.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  41. I don't remember if I responded to this, but sign me up for any and all! Yay books! :)

  42. This is an amazing giveaway! Thank you so much!


  43. Count me in too! Fabulous giveaway thank-you =)

  44. Great giveaway!!! I'd love any of the books for my Kindle.

  45. Awesome giveaway! Thank you so much for this :)

  46. I started checking out all the books to see which ones I would like to mention but honestly all of them sound good. So I will be happy to win any of them. Thank you gor the giveaways.

  47. 300 books! Awesome! Thanks for the giveaway! Sign me up for the international e-books draw!

    jc at jc-martin dot com

  48. Thanks for the invite to this massive giveaway! I'd be happy to win any of the titles above!

  49. I'm in Australia so guess I'd only be eligible for the e-books, but if that is ok then count me in :) caffeineandchapters at live dot com dot au

  50. What a great giveaway - and I only already have 5 of the books, so plenty of chances left for me to win something! :-)

  51. Mehh it's me again Lol is that I thought my other comment saying the books I really wanted was here but it is not... thanks for the internet! anyway here are the books that I'm dying to get my hands!

    1)The Hawk and His Boy
    2)Lucifer's Odyssey
    3)Brother Thief
    4)Demon Gates
    5)Ashar'an Rising
    6)Lokant (omgggggg)

    *if they have more books in the series well count me in! :D

  52. Awesome giveaway thank you so much!

    Kitty Bullard

  53. The Hawk and His Boy (Tormay Trilogy #1) by Christopher Bunn
    The Shadow at the Gate (Tormay Trilogy #2) by Christopher Bunn
    The Wicked Day (Tormay Trilogy #3) by Christopher Bunn

    Those look awesome to me!! Thank you so much


  54. I would be interested in participating in your next blog hop. I am in one until December 16th and I get good numbers, repost on twitter and Goodreads and facebook.

  55. Great giveaway thank you very much


  56. Hey, thanks for organising this giveaway. I'd enter for the e-book giveaway, since I live in India.

    ahalya (at) literaryangels (dot) com

  57. Thanks for the invite! I'm in for a dime of and in for a dozen, if that's how the saying goes. Meaning I'll take all I can get. I'm in the US.

    Sherahart (at) gmail (dot) and the rest rhymes with Tom. Take that, spam bots!

  58. Just wanted to say thank you! I filled out the form.

    Happy Holidays!

  59. Thank you so much for the invite! I would love to enter for any of the print and ebooks being given away. I share books (print and Kindle) with three of my daughters - one teenager and two adult - and we all read everything we can get our hands on.

    Happy Holidays!!!

  60. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  61. Thaks for the chance to win. I've read some really good indie book in the past year. I read both print and ebooks.

    sgiden at

  62. Wow, this is amazing! I love finding hidden treasures that I've never heard of, so this blog will be perfect for me.

    I'm interested in all of the paperbacks! (I don't read e-books.)

    rebelaessedai at gmail dot com

  63. I find it so awesome how authors come together to give back to their fans like this. I would be happy to win any of these books!

  64. Would love to win some good books! It's amazing to see how much your blog has grown. Keep it up!

  65. Interested in anything there is to offer :) Always looking for great authors new to me!