Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Guest blog with Angela White author of The Survivors

Hi! I’m Angie. It’s very nice of you to have me here. This is a great book blog. I come here for all the
newest Indie authors, just like you! Today however, I came here for a different purpose. I’d like to ask
you a very important question. Inquiring minds are dying to know:

What is your favorite Apocalypse landscape?

There isn’t much that hasn’t been done and a new setting is usually a welcome touch but there are just
parts of an end of the world story that have to be there. The devastated environment is one of those.
From volcanoes and asteroids, to nuclear explosions, the transformation from civilized safety to survival of the strongest is one that fascinates. For generations, the world has viewed craters with windshield shatter sprays, pondering their origins while enjoying watching rugged hero’s venture into these death traps. We’ve explored the crumbling remains of city after city, still flinching when the shack falls or the monster lurking in the dark is revealed.

We’ve come together under the White and been misled by the Dark but the Apocalypse, in all its glory, just isn’t complete without a drastically changed environment. From order to chaos, with one push of a button, we devour such tales endlessly. Is it because we worry our future may look that way? Is it the sense of power it gives us to see these insurmountable terrains conquered by mere humans? Perhaps it’s both.

I personally, am addicted to exploring what remains of our largest cities. I prefer the aftermath and
am delighted when a new author takes me back to those dank, familiar places. I see those shadowy
darkways as extensions of my reality. They are the; what if, that still spooks me in the night and keeps
me coming back for more.

What about you? At the turn of the first page, where do you wish the author was taking you? Is it
seashore, where derelict bridges in the distance hide unspeakable horrors? Maybe you’re hiding
underground, struggling to avoid the fallout? I know. You’re with me, traveling through the heart of a
nuclear damaged city as two rival fractions of survivors begin to attack, with us caught in the middle…

So, what says the reading public? Which apocalyptic landscape gives you those perfectly unsettling
chills? Join the discussion.


To win, name the book and author the following passage came from!

(The first correct answer wins. Please place guesses in the comments section and don’t forget to say hi
to Scott while you’re here. He’s wonderful to be associated with and doesn’t he just have the best darn Indie book blog? You can find all the newest and hottest Indie authors here. Scott is in the middle of reviewing them all!)

Contest Passage:

She was squinting at the thermometer in the white light coming through the window. Beyond her, in
the drizzle, the other highrises in Co-OP City rose like the gray turrets of a penitentiary. Below, in the
airshafts, clotheslines flapped with ragged wash. Rats and plump alley cats circulated through the trash.

Hint: This is the opening paragraph to a world where the games, are everything.

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  1. Howdy!

    Read this years ago. The Running Man by Stephen King!! Although he did write it under a pen name, if memory serves. Bachman?

  2. I'm not guessing because I KNOW this one. Just wanted to say hello, Angie! Have been wondering what you've been up to.